First ELEX patch fixes crashes on 16-core CPUs, brings various gameplay tweaks and fixes

Piranha Bytes has released the first patch for its latest action RPG, ELEX, that fixes some crashes for systems with more than 16 logical CPU cores.

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adonisisfree388d ago

Now release a patch to fix the animation system.

HyperMouse388d ago

Is this worth getting, reviews were terrible and thats a long list of bug fixes

thekhurg388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

I never once had a problem with the game in regards to technical issues on PC. I played the entire game, completed every quest I found - took about 60 hours. Like with many patches, these fixes aren't a global issue. Some people have problems others don't.

In short, this game is hard to recommend.

If you want to play the game as a shooter - then there's a chance you'll enjoy it if you're into open world RPGs.

The problem comes if you want to play as a melee character (like I did). The game isn't balanced. Armor doesn't appear to work at all in this game. Stamina management is a pain in the ass. It takes way too much stamina to dodge, and melee damage requires sequential hits as a damage ramp-up mechanic. By the end of the game, I was as tanky as I could be. I had max health, armor, and stamina for my character. Any fight where I wasn't 1v1, it was a frustrating situation of instant death, reload, instant death, reload - then get lucky and avoid a ranged attack and win the fight.

The end boss, I literally killed in 3 melee hits (yes melee is THAT powerful), but since armor doesn't work you're at a constant disadvantage to the gameplay mechanics.

All that said, it's still a fun game. I can 100% understand why critics didn't like it overall. It can easily be frustrating to play, especially when you're wielding that melee weapon and not a bow, gun or rocket launcher.

Krysis388d ago

Best written review I've seen for this game.