Why Timed Content Can Totally Suck

"Most of the talk about the changing, AAA gaming climate is about microtransactions, particularly loot boxes. These features are elements that have crossed over from mobile gaming, where the practices are common and generally more accepted. But loot boxes and other little spending encouragements aren’t the only free to play game characteristics crossing the metaphorical border. Another building trend is timed events, making their way most notably into games like Destiny, Destin y 2 and Hitman."

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2pacalypsenow387d ago

"Another building trend is timed events"

I'm pretty sure they have been around since the 360 days, remember GTA4's DLC?

I don't see the problem, if a company can get timed content to get gamers to play on their console, that's a good business move.

I'm pretty sure this wouldn't be coming up if Ps4 was not getting all the deals that Xbox 360 had last gen.

Neonridr387d ago

nah, it sucks for gamers in general. Nobody should be penalized because they chose one console over the other. You choose your console for the exclusives, but 3rd party stuff should be equal across the board.

fenome385d ago

Yeah, it's pure marketing BS, it doesn't benefit gamers at all. It's not like timed content is going to persuade people to go buy a different console for it either, it's just all around stupid and a waste of money they could spend in better places.

InTheZoneAC384d ago

I'm all for poorly supported systems by their own brand to miss out on content in multiplatform games.

Neonridr384d ago

@InTheZoneAC - so long as it isn't Sony missing out on the content right? Gotcha.

Great double standards.

TankCrossing387d ago

Typically when this topic comes up most gamers agree it is bad form. I don't think it particularly matters which platform does it, most people recognise that it benefits nobody and just all-round sucks.

The 1 year delay on Destiny content takes every last drop of piss.

Apocalypse Shadow387d ago

Yeah. Timed benefits no one in the end. Someone always gets screwed.

I also hate the exclusive items, skins, characters or weapons crap at different stores if you preorder. Those items should come to all systems. Or items locked behind expensive action figures. That's bogus too.

datriax385d ago

"can" ? I think you mean "does", inarguably "does".