Bloodborne Enemy Initially Revealed at PlayStation Experience 2014 Finally Found Three Years Later

A Flaming Undead Giant revealed on stage at PlayStation Experience in 2014 has finally been found in Bloodborne for PS4, and you can fight it yourself.

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thatguyhayat23d ago

Omg I got so happy for a sequel before I finished reading that. Dont messss with me emotions man lol

iDadio23d ago

Its been a few years but I'm still not sure I'm ready for another half hp defiled challice dungeon

bennissimo23d ago

Yeah, that shit was hard. No desire to retread that ground, either. Saving myself for Bloodborne 2... hopefully.

fenome23d ago

Amygdala was freaking terrible in that chalice!

I got squished so many times

OpenGL23d ago

Damn that's awesome, I've done a ton of chalice dungeons and still run into new things on occasion.

23d ago
leahcim23d ago

amazing masterpiece.
I really need a sequel.

ziggurcat22d ago

rumours have been swirling since before E3. I hope PSX is the time they choose to reveal a sequel to this game.

drunkenspy00723d ago

This isn't something found 3 years later, you can fight this guy in chalice dungeons.

OnionThief23d ago

What they mean is that there was no recorded instance of anyone fighting it until this point. There may have been people who have battled it, but to the general Bloodborne community at large this wasn't something they thought was in the game.

drunkenspy00723d ago

Ah, thank you for clarifying.

FITgamer23d ago

Ahh ok. I've fought them multiple times so was confused by the article.

bujasem_8923d ago

that guy was a pain in the ass.. was awesome winning though.

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The story is too old to be commented.