Guillermo del Toro says he would 'love' to make a BioShock movie

However The Shape of Water's director believes most games can't be adapted for the big screen.

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Redlife2g391d ago

I would love this as well. Del Toros directing style would be perfect for Bioshock. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Relientk77391d ago

Omg he would be perfect. Please do this!

BrianOBlivion391d ago

I third this. Motion passed.

chris235391d ago

get lost del toro. you walked away from pacific rim 2 for no real reason except that your nose is somewhere in the clouds. instead we‘re getting an abomination of a kaiju movie that can be best described as power rangers meets transformers. thanks, but i don‘t want to see another random project from you. grow the F up.

jronj391d ago

Some college friends made a short film that was pretty good

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