ELEX Review - A New Setting Doesn't Prevent The Same Outcome [Wccftech]

ELEX is pretty much the gaming incarnation of a mixed bag. While exploring the massive world of Magalan is an enjoyable experience and the lore easily pulls players in with lots of interesting quests, the mediocre combat, poor companions AI and severe balance issues prevent it from securing a spot in the ever more crowded RPG limelight.

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KaiPow363d ago

PirahnaBytes is getting better at the stories they want to tell, now if only the gameplay could match.

KeeseToast362d ago

They'd just need a little more funding. They are a 30-people team that develops games with the scope of a AAA-game. With the right funding those guys could be as big as CD Projekt

TedCruzsTaint362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

They're very much in the same field as Spiders; making inspired, if largely janky roleplaying experiences that are very much their own. Love them or hate them. I largely enjoy them.

TejasTV362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Yeah I feel like the mainstream doesn’t get it(which is ok because I don’t get a lot of things). I love single player rpg games and yeah this and many other devs make some janky ish games but they are a damn good time. Most of the games I play through way too many times are games like this.

Pinkamena_Diane_Pie362d ago

This game captures that oldschool open world RPG atmosphere I fell in love with playing Gothic, so it's no surprise that some reviewers just don't get that these developers are catering to a smaller niche of people.