Remembering the Prince of Parkour (and Persia)

Permanently poised on the brink of another comeback, there's Prince of Persia: a series in a state of constant reimagining that’s avoided any long-term inactivity since 1989. It’s offered a solid leg-up to those who worked on it, from creator Jordan Mechner (with his screenwriting gig on the 2010 film) to reignited torch-bearers Ubisoft Montreal. Twenty-five years down the line, there’s even some life in that old dog (or publisher) Brøderbund yet. But how did this wall-running franchise come to be? Gameradar delves into its storied past to find out.

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FallenAngel1984158d ago

Ubisoft feels they don't need Prince of Persia anymore now that they got Assassin's Creed

SarcasticDuck157d ago

since AC1 was gonna be a Prince of Persia spinoff, that's a fact. PoP didn't died, it evolved

whiteblue157d ago

Prince of persia has better gameplay mechanics than ac

SarcasticDuck157d ago

@whiteblue I never said it evolved for the better, did I?

blackblades157d ago

Yeah and they over doing it to, they need to take a breather and do a pop again. I still wanna know what happen in the 08 pop story.

gantarat158d ago

i want sand of time remake or reboot.

Lighter9157d ago

The new one comes out soon. It's called Assassin's Creed: Prince of Egypt. 🙃

theshredded157d ago

Fuk AC, I hope origins flops so that they'd go back to Prince of Persia.

OB1Biker157d ago

I loved the Broderbund version I played on PC in early 90s. Great memories. Loved the ps2 games too. PS3 games were disappointing. A new direction for it with a reboot would be nice. As long as the controls have nothing to do with AC that I M not fond of.

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