Yooka-Laylee's Switch Port Might Take a Little Longer

Playtonic Games has run into a couple of issues while making the port of Yooka-Laylee run on the Nintendo Switch. However, these are going to be fixed soon.

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PhoenixUp241d ago

Doesn't seem the Switch version will arrive this year

Neonridr241d ago

where does it say that at all? Why make stuff up?

darthv72240d ago

This would have made a great game on wiiu. in fact... I thought they were pretty far along on the wiiu port before it was canceled. So why not just pick up where that left off and port it to switch?

Neonridr240d ago

@darthv72 - I don't know if this game would have worked on Wii U at all.. is it done in Unity or Unreal?

PhoenixUp240d ago

I didn't say it won't at all, I said it doesn't seem likely that it will

Neonridr240d ago

again, a delay could mean a month for all we know. Why not just wait until we hear something official before we just guess?

Outlawzz240d ago

Honestly I would prefer it not to. Early next year is better. They should have released before Mario while the hunger for a platformer was there. Now it's better to wait beginning of the year imo. Any platformer releasing next to Mario on the same console is bound to suffer saleswise.

Sgt_Slaughter240d ago

They needed to release before Odyssey and missed that mark, now it's going to release right around Kirby and Yoshi (not sure about the last one but it could release early).

I'd say scrap this and put resources towards a sequel that's as good as the first was hyped to be.

FallenAngel1984240d ago

Well they can't release it next to Super Mario Odyssey or Sonic Forces, so either release it late Nov, sometime in Dec, or just wait till next year

talocaca240d ago


I mean's taking forever to release, the original got mixed reviews and can be bought now for $20 or less.

I was interested....but have moved on.

Sirk7x240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

Yup! I had planned on waiting for the Switch version to play this game, but I've completely lost interest.
I adored Banjo Kazooie when I was younger.

DJK1NG_Gaming239d ago

Take your time. And make the best version.
Afterall Nintendo fans knows this game is just a Classic Rare game with Modern graphic and not a Rare game in Modern Gaming.