Code Vein Won’t Have Easier Difficulty Setting; Devs Explain Main Difference with Dark Souls

Code Vein's developers explains what makes it different from the Dark Souls series, but a clear similarity is the lack of easier difficulty settings.

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thatguyhayat330d ago

So basically he said *git gud* but it seems you have an ally with you which makes it slightly easier

nitus10330d ago

In the Souls and Bloodborne games, you can get one or two NPC help to take down some problematic (subjective) enemies which include bosses. In addition, you can request an online player(s) help as well so it is possible to have two NPC's and two online players assisting you. You can't get any easier than that.

One of the downsides of requesting online help is the fact that you can get invaded by real players. Of course, you can always increase your stats and/or weapons and armor by grinding although in the case of Dark Souls II you can only attack and destroy normal enemies up to eight times before that enemy does not appear again (ie. limited enemy grinds). Having limited grinds in Dark Souls II can be a plus or a minus depending on your strategy.

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TomatoDragon330d ago

I am so stoked for this game.

bumbleforce330d ago

Ya if got a ps4 and an x1 gonna buy this on x1

Angeljuice330d ago

If got no this maybe bester with PS4?

Krysis330d ago

This wins the internet today.

Gearsofwar_xbox329d ago

Will be better on Xbox one x

R6ex330d ago

No EASY difficulty. No Buy, for me.

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GrubsterBeater329d ago

Poor feller. Barbie's Dream Vacation may be more your speed.

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