‘Doom’, ‘Wolfenstein ll’, and What This Means for the Switch

What does Doom and Wolfenstein II mean for third-party support for the Nintendo Switch?

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naruga333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

they mean nothing ...both games are heavily downgraded on unfitting console (no portable ever was good for FPSs ) ...with every bit of their potential lost as they were released on far superior systems with far bigger audiences along with PC .....

Neonridr333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

why do you have to sound so salty in your "opinion". Show me the downgrades you speak of. First off nobody has seen anything of Wolfenstein 2 on Switch and from what was shown of Doom with direct comparisons to the PS4 version the game still looks very close with only differences in texture resolution and depth of field.

You haven't played it, you don't even own a Switch. So why don't you leave your fanboy pants on and leave the conversation to people who actually care about these games being on Switch.

_-EDMIX-_333d ago

Ok, why are you disputing downgrades with him? By default the game will be downgraded visually to a degree.

If anything you should debate the importance of these titles on Switch, not try to argue against facts regarding downgrades of those games. It just seems desperate and immature especially considering what we're talking about is very obvious in terms of downgrades. If he says that they're on cartridge are you going to say they're not simply because he's saying they are? Just because you disagree with him doesn't mean the stuff he is factually saying is incorrect.

That being said I can't say they don't mean anything, clearly to Bethesda this is a big deal and they are trying to enter a new market , is it a big deal in the grand scheme of things I'm not too sure because you would have to understand that they were many franchises that are not coming to switch just as much as there are franchises coming to switch.

So if we're going to talk about doom and Wolfenstein coming I mean we also have to talk about it being a big deal about Call of Duty Assassin's Creed Destiny Mass Effect Deus Ex and many more not coming...

So is it a big deal? It depends on who exactly you're asking. But losing 30 franchises and gaining 4 doesn't necessarily sound like great progress to me (that's simply a generalization to, that is not some exact number)

And seriously stop calling everyone who disagrees with this a "fanboy". He doesn't need to be a fanboy and he doesn't need to play it to know those versions are going to be a lesser graphically or with many features.

I mean you yourself are saying Doom looks very close, so are you admitting clearly there is a difference? Does that make you a "fanboy"? Smh I mean put it this way you've never even played the version to say those are the only graphical differences no one has..

This is a big deal for those involved in terms of developers and Publishers but in the grand scheme of things if this is a big deal you have to talk about the franchise's they're missing as even bigger deals.

Neonridr332d ago

@EDMIX - it's one thing to suggest the game will be visually downgraded, we all know that. But to say they are "heavily downgraded" when we haven't seen any real footage of one game and we have comparison shots of the other is pretty silly and shows that he is not interested in having a reasonable discussion about it. "on an unfitting console"??? Sounds pretty salty to me.

Yes the Switch doesn't have Mass Effect, it doesn't have Call of Duty, it doesn't have Assassin's Creed. Wii U had those titles at launch, however they were poorly optimized versions and we never saw those titles grace the console afterwards. Devs were assuming the Wii U would be a hit and it flopped, so they pulled development from it. The Switch is the opposite. Devs were taking a wait and see approach. Now the console is doing well for itself. It looks like it could end up selling more in one year than the Wii U did in it's lifetime. Devs are finding it harder and harder to resist developing for it. Now what do we see? Capcom throwing in more Resident Evil support. Bethesda throwing in 3 major franchises onto the Switch. Rockstar finally making a return to Nintendo. These are big deals, I don't care about Call of Duty coming, that will come in time I have no doubt. The Wii had Call of Duty, no reason to believe the Switch won't at some point.

Switch is getting more and more 3rd party support as time goes on. That is the point. More and more games are being announced.

I am perfectly ok with the visuals not being on par with my PS4 Pro. But I can take the game with me and play wherever I want to, so I am willing to accept a certain level of sacrifice in order to achieve that. But I at least look objectively at the facts. The facts are, we haven't seen enough of either game to say that there will be heavy downgrades. All we have seen are some comparison videos and photos. And to be honest, it holds up pretty darn well.

Prince_TFK333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

"no portable ever was good for FPSs". Tell that to Splatoon 2.

Is it strange that those AAA get downgraded? You are comparing the Switch which is the size of a tablet to the ps4/xbox one which is roughly the size of a small pc, so what are you expecting? The fact that those games run on the Switch is a feat in itself.

And what is so wrong with those games release on the Switch? If you want to buy it on the pc/xb1/ps4 for the 4K grafixxx then all the power to you. Let the Switch owners play what they want to play, or does that bother you too?

_-EDMIX-_333d ago

I don't think he is saying that it's strange that they're getting downgraded he's simply just making a statement that they are getting downgraded.

And he doesn't say anything is wrong with those games appearing on the switch either..

Who is saying to not let switch owners play these games?

Look you make a good point that Splatoon and many first person shooters have released on portable and fact Killzone and Call of Duty are good examples of first person shooters that have been able to successfully release on Portables like the PlayStation Vita, but no need to argue points that we're never really brought up.

This individual is not even saying it bothers them, that is what you're saying.

Thatguy-310333d ago

The outcome is going to be entertaining to watch LOL

addictedtochaos333d ago

Won't mean a thing if they don't sell.

_-EDMIX-_333d ago

Exactly how these games actually sell is going to determine future support. Like COD, Assassin's Creed Mass Effect Watch Dogs Deus Ex and so many other franchises. Some Publishers tried and had to pull support as on switch you're not even seeing those same series.

This just sounds to me like Bethesda and Rockstar are trying their hand but if they get the same results that those other Publishers got you're going to see the exact same situation as the previous Nintendo systems so it really is up to Nintendo Gamers to really really support some of these third-party games if they don't want to see the same reaction as the previous publishers. A lot of this I think is simply by game-by-game basis to because Ubisoft tried with Assassin's Creed Watch Dogs and other franchises but clearly they had to move on and made a decision to stop putting series like that if they're not moving units I think they're doing a good job this time around on the switch with the rabbits Mario game in Just Dance and that starlink game as they're showing that you can't put anything on this system and expected to sell you have to Taylor make it for that install base which might mean making it very Mario or Kiddy like.

So I see Publishers supporting this system I simply don't see them supporting it with lots of mature rated type series.

Everything just cannot work on Nintendo systems but clearly every genre could work on PC PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.... Even Xbox one is getting some jrpgs so it's very clear that this kind of problem seems to be entirely exclusive to Nintendo.

addictedtochaos333d ago

Well, they are getting at least 2 sales of Doom and Wolfenstein II from me.

nitus10333d ago

One of the issues with Doom maybe the internal storage of the Switch which is 26GB for games.

and (example NBA 2K18)

Basically, you will be paying more for the game over the PS4 and XB1 varients since you will have to purchase additional MicroSD cards and for some people, this may be a considerable annoyance.

I do agree that Publishers will support the Switch but if the storage problem can't be fixed then games with larger file sizes such as many AAA games will not be supported.

_-EDMIX-_332d ago

@add-I mean I agree when I buy a switch I might actually buy Doom, but trust me we need more than just a few people to buy this game we need at least the majority of the install base to help because you and I are not really the vast majority of Nintendo gamers in regards to mindset. I know many Nintendo Gamers that are like that that have no problem buying third party games hack I have a good friend that bought all the major Splinter Cell games the previous generation on GameCube. Except it's clear we don't really make up the vast majority of Nintendo Gamers unfortunately.

@nit-well I agree that the storage problem is a pretty big issue I would actually say if developers get positive sales that they're able to pay for the extra storage if needed it may not be an issue that's such a big deal if they get the sales to justify.