Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite: Chun-Li's Face Fixed By Capcom, Other Characters Also Improved

Chun-Li and Chris Redfield have received a noticeable improvement in their character model.

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AizenSosuke248d ago

They have no choose unless Capcom wants to lose its fanbase over to FighterZ.

DaFeelz247d ago

We all have no choose, but to choice FighterZ!

PurpHerbison247d ago

Why do people pretend like they don't understand what someone meant when a typo was made. It actually makes me think people are more dumb than the person who made the typo. Of course you are doing it to be a douche, but still.

morganfell246d ago

Lighten up Francis. No one was seriously attacking the guy. They were having fun and the OP even laughed about it below. The only person more dumb, I would use the word dumber, is the one that has too much starch in their shorts to laugh a little.

PhoenixUp246d ago

No shirt
No choose
No X-Men
No service

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Nu247d ago

I no choice because I don't like to make seriously choose

InTheZoneAC246d ago

they already lost fanbase regardless of any other future release of another game. FighterZ is just the cherry on top.

OffRoadKing246d ago

All their fanbase belong to us.

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derkasan248d ago

It looks better, but they've got a little more than a month to get the last bits of polish in. It's definitely coming down to the wire.

Nu247d ago

If Trump isn't included in the roster I'm cancelling my pre-orders, all 16 of them /s

KaaF247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

Oh my God, I should NOT have looked him up:
WTF is that!? But he actually looks way better in-game:
Still worse than any previous Dante design, but not as bad as it might seem from the renders.

Robovox247d ago

So long as it's not the douchey looking Dante from the fifth entry.

Outlawzz247d ago

I'm boycotting this game lol no X-Men is just unheard of

gantarat247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

Blame Marvel for that.

The 10th Rider247d ago

No, blame Disney. Disney owns Marvel but not the film rights to the X-Men, so they don't want to advertise them in any way.

Deviwolf246d ago

actually its fox that u need to blame.

opinionated247d ago

*applause* lol. That was really bothering me for some reason. It made the game look like a generic knockoff.

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The story is too old to be commented.