Fallout 3: The First Time

Brian from NZGamer writes: "Do you remember the first time you played your favourite game? The buzz of excitement at each new encounter, the feeling of wonder as you discovered the world? Do you get that sense of poignancy looking back, knowing that the moment has passed, and you'll never get to discover it again? Yeah, me too. And sure, there are many games that do that to us, but I don't think anything will ever hit me the same way that Fallout 3 did the first time.

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MrSwankSinatra379d ago

Fallout 3 was such a pivotal game in my life, I can remember staying up for days on end playing this. I loved everything, from the world, the lore, the gameplay, soundtrack, just everything. I guess this why the Fallout 4 being mediocre at best, rubbed me the wrong way, as I expected better and got severely disappointed.