Old PlayStation Home Social Space Re-Released On PS4 and PC

Remember PlayStation Home? One of its many social spaces was just released on PS4 and PC.

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AmUnRa516d ago (Edited 516d ago )

I used Playstation Home a lot on the PS3, it was fun and Sony was making enough new content to make it relevant.
Now i dont mis it.

DarXyde516d ago

Completely forgot about Home. Not interested, but that's really cool. Wonder how it'll be expanded.

Null1980516d ago

I used to like when they had the poker tables and tournaments, prizes. This doesn't have that, so not interested. :P

thejigisup515d ago

I would rather have folding @home

OoglyBoogly515d ago

This reminds me of that balloon popping game Jerry plays from Rick and Morty.

In other words, boring and pointless. Seriously, this was the worst game play video I've ever seen. No wonder Playstation Home failed.

OoglyBoogly513d ago

I wish one of the 6 asshats that downvoted actually said why. What the fuck wasn't boring or pointless here? What in the Hell are you disagreeing with?

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