Details revealed for SCUF Xbox One Elite Controller Paddle Control System & Directional Bias D-Pad

Amazon has put up a listing for the SCUF Elite Paddle Control System & Directional Bias D-Pad, revealing several details and images.

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Notellin371d ago

Well considering I've had this accessory pack for at least two months I don't know how this is news. I also have scuf sticks and grips I've had a little over a month.

Both good upgrades over what comes with the standard elite.

Tussin187371d ago

How are they? I heard the build quality isn't the greatest. I thinking of getting one for PS4 but I would like others opinions before I make a decision. Thanks if you reply.

Notellin370d ago

I love them both. The paddles are a huge improvement over the easily pressed original elite paddles. Although the inner paddle is more difficult to reach because of the vertical arrangement.

The sticks are the bigger upgrade but I purchased the red ones and they are already faded to a reddish pink after a little over one month of use. Other than that I'd say both are phenomenal products and I consider them upgrades. They are expensive though.