10 games that are way better now than at launch

Like a fine wine or Matthew McConaughey’s filmography, some games have only improved with the passage of time. As the industry veers ever further into the era of season passes, downloadable content and pre-order bonuses, a select handful of titles stand out as those which have actually made good on their promise to keep players continually engaged long after launch day. Each of the following games have been heartily expanded, enhanced and embellished since release, supported by developers who have treated post-launch support with the same amount of energy and care as the making of the base game itself. Naturally, the majority of these are multiplayer focused, but even a handful of single player titles are featured here too, proving that ageing gracefully is not exclusive to realm of online.

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opinionated535d ago

I think this is an important topic. A lot of those are well known but some games do get better and no longer reflect the shit meta score that was given a year or two ago.

Kleptic535d ago

slippery slope...every single one of those games were heavily marketed and offered all kinds of BS pre-order bonuses and announced DLC before original release...

reviews are worthless to me personally, but i definitely agree with those that state they should be a reflection of release state...not future potential. BF4 was bad enough at release that I haven't purchased an EA game since, and considering what just happened 2 weeks ago; their trend of pushing on fire products into fiscal schedules is simply unacceptable.

If a game isn't ready...and get's should be reviewed accordingly...'better' now is fine and great, glad they improved it, but to have some sort of pity party and score adjustment because publishers and devs eventually make right on up front part of the problem...

BF4 was never 'great', either...more stable than launch, sure...but equally unbalanced and bloated. The game hardly got better, just different, and didn't crash as often.

opinionated535d ago

I'm not saying they should change their scores or judge on future potential, I'm just saying they are worthless a year later if those problems are resolved. If a game is better a year later then I see nothing wrong with Topics like these promoting them. If I'm buying a game a year after launch then I don't care what promises they broke then fixed. It's fixed.

uth11535d ago

I don't have a problem with the practice. Someone trying to decide if they want to buy a game a year after release doesn't care about launch issues or preorder marketing. They just want to know if the game is worth buying now. If a game is fixed, but reviews don't reflect that, they might skip a game they might otherwise enjoy.

MVGeneral535d ago

Hopefully they fix mass effect.

uth11535d ago

I would add Driveclub and No Man's Sky

HellzAssassin535d ago

Hell yes to Driveclub. Still among my top favourite racing games of all time. The amount of support they gave to that game was incredible. Season pass was the best of ANY game. So much DLC with just a mere $20 season pass.

philm87535d ago

Indeed. No Man's Sky is actually a pretty decent game, especially for the price you can pick it up at now.

Rebel_Scum535d ago

GTAV should've only been on there if they added single player dlc. GTA Online is a cesspool of the lowest common denominator of society.

Paytaa535d ago

I'd throw Halo 5 in there too. The amount of free content since launch is unprecedented. Whether you love or hate 343, they definitely delivered when it comes to content and variety of said content.

I think Halo 5 Forge is one of the most underrated user/community tools this generation. People have gone above and beyond what you could do in 3 and Reach. It's crazy what people can do especially with scripting. Hell, there's finally a Custom Game browser. A first for Halo.