Mass Effect Andromeda: Why You Should And Shouldn’t Be Concerned About This Game

ThisGenGaming says "It was announced that ME: Andromeda will be released in North America on March 21, and The EU on the 23, and along with that news came a game play video. As soon as the video dropped folks were picking it apart, commenting the models didn’t look right, and also commenting on the in game menus. I have watched the video several times, and it looks fine to me, but to each their own. In regards to the menus I’m not surprised they revamped the UI, this is the first game in the series for this generation of consoles I fully expected it."

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SaveFerris524d ago

Mass Effect did have some issues with combat and elevators, but many gamers enjoyed the RPG elements. Improvements are welcome, but what Bioware/EA has done is strip away much of what fans of the original game were drawn to.
I disagree with the author in regards to games needing to evolve. It is important to make improvements where they are needed, such as improving the combat as seen in ME2 & 3, but when the developer changes the lore, and botches the ending, then I don't see this as 'evolving'. Mass Effect: Andromeda looks even less like Mass Effect from what has been shown. I might be in the minority here, but I would've loved to have played ME 2&3 if they had stayed as 'the same old thing'.

MAULxx523d ago

I could not have said it better myself.

ZeekQuattro523d ago (Edited 523d ago )

I'm concerned at anything EA is involved with. They are known to mess things up.

Tankbusta40523d ago

I am not worried, I have been saying Bioware makes good games, even the two that were so so (DA2 and Inquisition) were worth a play through. I didn't so much mind 3's ending because the lead up was so wonderful.

3-4-5523d ago

I want the feeling of the first game back.....something special about that game.....2 was pretty good and 3 was ok but 1 was the best IMO.

Summons75523d ago

I'm very concerned. They promised going back to being an RPG and then they show a game with zero rpg in it...and I thought you couldn't get less RPG after the trash that was ME3 :/ We'll never see our beloved Space Opera ME1 had going for it again.