Xbox Backwards Compatibility: One Year Later

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "It's hard to believe, but a year ago Xbox Backwards Compatibility was released to the masses bringing with it a plethora of launch titles and has since grown to a library of over 275 games."

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poppinslops530d ago

With the recent addition of Mass Effect 2&3, the list of games 'missing' from the BC line-up is getting smaller by the day - for me the only games left are AC: Rogue, LA Noire, Batman: Arkham Origins, Nier and Vanquish... here's hoping digital versions are on the cards, as it's become almost impossible difficult to find 2nd hand copies of games like Nier.

XXanderXX530d ago

Then they will have ample time to work on OG Xbox game to make BC with a little polish.

poppinslops530d ago

Amen to that... if these 'Star Wars: KotOR 3' rumors turn out to be true then I'll almost certainly want to go back and replay the first two - preferably on my XO, as my 360 controller is a worn-out mess!

530d ago
Septic530d ago

Look how much has been done in one year and now read the fanboy doubters who said it wouldn't amount to anything:

It's good looking back and then seeing how much the situation has improved.

Saijahn530d ago

They didn't want to give MS credit then and they don't want to do it now. MS trumped sony with EA Access, BC, 4K, and now their next console iterations. I don't think anyone saw that coming with how well the PS4 was doing. So I don't expect the prideful fanboys to actually ever say anything positive about MS, but they cringe and cry about these features in private.

PhoenixUp530d ago

I can never understand people who says backwards compatibility doesn't matter. It may not be a deal breaker if a platform lacks the feature, but it's always very much a welcomed feature to have nonetheless.

kstuffs529d ago

XB1S has a lot of features that are not value-added to gamers:
Backward Compatibility
EA Access
Optical out

cfc83530d ago

Completed Red Dead again via bc. I'd like BF3 added to the list. It's my favourite Battlefield.