Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for October 2016 any good?

Neil writes "October. The busiest time of year for new game releases. And this year is no different with a huge number of titles releasing over the next 30 days or so.

So you can't really blame the team back at Xbox HQ for delivering a bevy of Games With Gold titles that really do fail to enthuse many. In fact, whilst the free Xbox One and Xbox 360 games given away during September were pretty damn decent, October's free titles will quite possibly go down as one of the worst combination of Games With Gold titles this year."

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Deadpooled779d ago (Edited 779d ago )

Where are the fanboys previously calling out PS+ as indie+ etc for many months this year, to complain about Octobers GwG indie line-up? Hypocrites.

SgtPepper1806779d ago

PS+ had indies for months and months, then big games for October. Xbox had big games for many months, then indies for October. Strange change of pace, but GWG has been way better value for most of this year.

Angerfist779d ago

This. The last few months were bad on PS+. Also with an Xbox One you get 4 Games per month.

buttcheeks778d ago

Soooo we're on the tenth PS plus / gwg offering Xbox only gave away big games four times so far and Sony has three times how is gwg a way better value this year

IamTylerDurden1778d ago (Edited 778d ago )

Umm last month had Lords of the Fallen and Journey. Before that PS+ had NBA 2K, Yakuza 5, Oreshika and other big games. Don't twist reality.

At Angerfist,

September was great for PS+ and PS+ gets SIX games per month. 6 > 4.

Perjoss779d ago

Or maybe just be mature and not bring up any fanboy crap, thats always an option

Deadpooled779d ago (Edited 779d ago )

Why not bring it up? We're on a gaming comment section, and my comment is perfectly related and acceptable to the topic in question. Maybe you don't like the hypocrisy being called out but it doesn't mean that others don't want it. Fanboys be calling shit on their opposition for months but when it turns back on themselves they fall silent.

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DragonbornZ778d ago

They cant. After years of console wars they think that kind of discussion is normal.

SenorFartCushion779d ago

Fanboys are idiots (yes, you too)

Deadpooled779d ago

Oh nooooooo! I am a victim of the wrath of SeniorFartCushion! The guy called me an idiot!


What you gonna do? Put me on a long list of people on this site you hate?

xMANB3ARP1G779d ago

What's funny is live free games turn to crap in a faster time period then plus watch xbox fanboys ignore that.

XanderZane778d ago

Lmao!! What!?!? That made no sense what so ever.

zb1ftw777778d ago

Because 1 month containing a great little indie title after a huge number of excellent triple A free titles is not the same as every single month containing 4 turd indies.

The End.

DeeBeers778d ago

What's up with every article being topped by a comment where one fanboy calls out other fanboys for being fanboys? How about instead we do Snarky comments like "what's up with this article containing words?" Or "what's the deal with everyone breathing air? Copycats." Fantastic job looking all but hurt and depressed though.

Deadpooled778d ago (Edited 778d ago )

Now I'm not allowed to comment on comment sections? Who made you the ringmaster of comment sections? Not liking what others have to say and trying to stop it is against people's right to free speech and calling out others on their BS.

Ironic that your username is the same (although a very slight mis-spelling) as the company who market scams people all over the world into making them think diamonds are precious and a sign of 'everlasting love', to make people 'think' what the company wants them to think so to spend vast amounts on an engagement ring.

DeeBeers778d ago

Who said you weren't allowed to comment? Easy there hot stuff.

Perjoss778d ago

Most of us are just gamers who enjoy games, its people like you that think you're fighting some kind of war LOL

get a grip mate and go play some games, you might even have some fun.

Deadpooled778d ago

*goes on Perjoss's comments* - sees he/she is pro-Xbox

Don't bother trying that 'innocent' go play some games angle to try and discredit my original point.

Perjoss778d ago

Keep going, read some more of my comments and you'll see that I'm also pro PS4 and pro PC, trying to label me an MS/Xbox fanboy is funny because if anything in the past I've stated that I dislike MS for numerous reasons. Keep fighting your war though ;)

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IamTylerDurden1778d ago

If this was the PS+ lineup ppl would be rioting. This gwg lineup is absolute garbage, i'm shocked.

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XanderZane778d ago

Sony had tons of Indies for like 4-5 months before October's much better month. Microsoft was killing it the past 3-4 months with retail games. Now they've taken a step back in October with these Indie games. Some are good, but others are meh. Not a great month for GWG, but I'll still play a couple of these games. I'll definitely play Resident Evil Remasted and Tranferformers: Devastation on PS4 this month.

game4funz778d ago

Because it was many months... Many months. This is so far 1 month. It's not hypocrisy toll the same situation occurs.

But many here are recognizing it sucks. Many of these Xbox fans you mention.

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UCForce779d ago (Edited 779d ago )

Well, it's decent offering. But it's just lackluster this month.

IamTylerDurden1778d ago

C'mon man if this was the PS+ lineup ppl would be revolting and calling it utter trash. This lineup is atrociously bad. Mega baseball and a super budget pixel game?

game4funz778d ago

Only because it had been trash for the last year. Don't compare the two.... If The next 2 months are trash too then that's when you can begin to compare.

BossBattle779d ago

I noticed that when Xbox has a major release like Gears of War, MS releases weaker games on Games with Gold to get you to play Gears. While Sony gives you better games to stop people from playing Gears. Both Sony and MS do this.

nix779d ago

Not exactly. You can download the PS+ games and play later. You don't even have to download them to be exact. You can just put them in queue.

optimus778d ago

@nix... you can do that on xbox live too...
What Bossbattle said is correct. gaming publications say the same thing...and it makes sense, why would you give away a high profile game in a month when they are releasing a high profile game to the masses?...I'm willing to bet that november will have some stellar games with gold to overshadow the release of the playstation neo (i'm not calling it pro so deal with it.)

nix778d ago

My point was, getting an old highly anticipated free game is not going to stop anyone from buying a new game.

I mean who is going to say "oh my God I'm getting Resident Evil free on PS+. Lemme not buy Gears 4."

IamTylerDurden1778d ago

Why don't ppl take issue with how MS only allows you to download certain games at certain times?

Red_Renegade779d ago

sony doesn't care about gears. why should they?

BossBattle778d ago (Edited 778d ago )

Because Sony knows Gears is a system seller. Gears has sold more than Uncharted. Uncharted 4 most likely put the series ahead of Gears. But that'll change once Gears 4 releases. And keep in mind that Uncharted released on more platforms including PS Vita but Gears managed to sell more.

Doabarrelroll778d ago

And one GT outsells three Forza's which is released yearly, yet Xbox gamers still look at forza as better and say sales don't measure quality.

Funny you guys bring up sales of a franchise only when it fits your argument

IamTylerDurden1778d ago


Don't compare Uncharted 4 to Gears 4. Gears 4 won't sell anywhere near what Uncharted sold and it won't get anywhere near the review scores. Gears 4 is not an Epic game, it's made by a new, ragtag developer and it shows. Gears 4 has always looked like a shell of its former glory. Gears 1 and 2 were great, but Gears 4 has mediocre written all over it. The voice acting, the combat, the visuals, it's all subpar. They copied every animation from Gears 3 instead of leveraging current gen hardware and creating new and better animations. The protagonist in Gears 4 is paper thin and even Laura Bailey sounds bad, it sounds like she just mailed it in. The game won't score above an 81 on Metacritic. It's only hope is that mp is fun, but this is not Epic's Gears of War, ppl need to realize that.

Stogz778d ago

@BossBattle "And keep in mind that Uncharted released on more platforms including PS Vita but Gears managed to sell more." More platforms including Vita??? You mean only on Vita? No other platforms, and Gears has had 4 major releases including that horrible turd Judgment. Besides, I thought you xbox fanboys didn't care about sales? Oh that's right only game sales matter now, you guys are ridiculous...

778d ago
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game4funz778d ago

It is interesting. MS is releasing a big game so that would be why.

And Playstation isn't releasing much so they figure maybe they can take out bigger hits and hope it negatively effects gears playtime. Many console gamers have both consoles so it is entirely possible.

BTW just report the people that responded you with fanboy like comments. They're insecure and need help. Don't waste your time replying to their jabs.

SenorFartCushion779d ago

No but stop complaining about the monthly courtesy games. Complain about the £40 games with microtransactions.

xMANB3ARP1G779d ago

Damn straight or endless paid dlc to a bare bones base (looking at you destiny there are worse offenders and to be fair I haven't tried the new dlc and have 0 want to.

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