Hideo Kojima Continues Visiting Top Studios; Lands at EA DICE and Mojang

Hideo Kojima has been visiting top studios for quite a while, and today he’s in Stockholm, Sweden checking in with local developers.

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SEGAKIDD731d ago (Edited 731d ago )

'top studios'

2pacalypsenow731d ago

I didn't know Mojang was a top studio?

Fin_The_Human731d ago

In terms of sales i think they are top of the top.

Plus MineCrafr is a technical achiveme on it's own.

_-EDMIX-_731d ago

When you make a game that is now on of the best selling games of all time.......yes, yes they are. They created a pretty epic title and deserve the respect.

mastershredder731d ago

They should report if he changes his socks too. Seriously, get of his nutz already.

NerveGearneeded731d ago

im curious what brand of socks he wears. j/k

BossBattle731d ago

At this rate his next game will release on the PS8.5

UltraNova731d ago (Edited 731d ago )

By then we'll have yearly updates to consoles (if they exist as we know them) so it might as well be 8.3? Hehe

Kojima was never known to take less than 3-5 years to finish games he was directly responsible for. To be fair we are not even sure he even started working on his next title...

That said this is going to be interesting since his deal with Sony is to develop a ps4 exclusive and by the way things are going(assuming ps4.5 gets released late 2016) we will have the ps5 by 2019-2020. That means he barely has time(based on his track record) to develop a ps4 game...maybe the game will be released on both the ps4 and ps5 as a launch title?

Erik7357731d ago (Edited 731d ago )

First class too! Seems to be getting big bucks from sony

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The story is too old to be commented.