How To Upgrade Curie And Codsworth In The Fallout 4 Automatron DLC

In the new Fallout 4 Automatron DLC you can upgrade Curie and Codsworth to make them stronger than ever. You will have to jump through a few hoops in order to unlock the ability to upgrade them.

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derkasan850d ago

I'd say it's worth jumping through these hoops in the long run.

CaptainCamper850d ago

Am I the only moron that didn't pick up the Season Pass during the cheap period? >.<

snowb420850d ago

No. I didn't have the extra cash at the time so I still haven't gotten it. Going to wait for a steam sale in the hopes it'll get discounted.

cfc83850d ago

Nope. I was skint and phone package got cut off, so couldn't buy pass. Console isn't the same without a connection. I got automatron today, and will buy the rest of the dlc individually. To make matters worse i noticed the game and pass is $65 in psn store sale.

dead_pixels850d ago

Upgraded Codsworth looks fantastic!

ZaWarudo850d ago

The DLC is fun but i personally wouldn't spend $9.99 on it. especially if you prefer traveling alone, like me.

Just a heads up: Robotics Expert is needed for some advanced robot mods.

TriangleOffense850d ago

So far im loving just having new quests, I already did curies questline so im not sure if she can be done using this anymore.

fenome847d ago

I just..upgraded..her myself.. so that's probably a no-go. I just started another playthrough a couple of weeks ago and I've found a bunch of stuff I didn't see the first time, I just kind of cruised through it the first time. I'm actually enjoying it a lot. Think I'm gonna have to pick this up before Far Harbor drops so I can pimp out Codsworth and take him out there with me..