What’s Become of the Harry Potter Games?

No major Harry Potter game has been released since 2011. Are they gone forever or can we expect new ones to return to loyal Harry Potter fans?

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Relientk77641d ago

Sadly not much. Hopefully they can make some good Harry Potter games. I loved Lego Harry Potter games

Benoski640d ago

Most of them were loosely based on the films.Now that there's no more movies being made for the time being, I don't see a new Harry Potter game releasing anytime soon.

jfcdoomblade640d ago (Edited 640d ago )

Sorcerer's Stone and Order of the Phoenix were a blast to play because of their explorative nature. Goblet of Fire was another good one too, many good times with the co-op on that one.

Summons75640d ago

They became trash after Chamber of Secrets and Quidditch World Cup. The Lego games were fun though.

quent640d ago

No movie, no game. no cashin.