Dreamcast – The Greatest Console of All Time?

Sega's last hurrah.

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To me it was definitely the greatest console of its time. Obviously games have definitely improved since then but Dreamcast was definitely ahead of its time. And it should have fared better than it did there was so many lies going on by Sony at the time saying that their ps2 was going to have an emotion engine it was just all bullshit and it killed Sega. Hell you can even run the Dreamcast in HD with the VGA box. Put it this way I still own a ps2 and Sega Dreamcast an original Xbox the one that still set up to this day is the Sega Dreamcast

Liam2382934d ago

Absolutely worth picking one up. Surprisingly cheap and games easy to many great games.

Apocalypse Shadow933d ago

The greatest arcade style console that ever lived. Just when Sega delivered their best effort after the Genesis, it was over.

But that's why I bought two. As in soul calibur...

"The legend will never die!"

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