BF4 won’t get BF3 maps because “it takes as much time” to make one from scratch

Don't expect any more BF3 maps in BF4.

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nitrogav857d ago

It's a dam shame. Think I missed so much of the game by only playing it on PS3. Extra flags missing on conquest etc. I would happily buy BF3 PS4 version.

Skate-AK856d ago

I would buy BF3 without SP and all the Maps for $40. This is coming from someone that bought BF3 at launch and got the season pass.

nitrogav856d ago

Same here . I had premium too on PS3 and I agree don`t need SP but all the complete MP maps that PC had . I hope Dice and EA take note and why don`t they have a survey to give them an idea of the potential numbers who would buy them ?.

Rearden855d ago

BF4 already has a lot of BF3 maps. Plus, there are 31 BF4 maps right now, with two more coming soon.

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Father__Merrin857d ago

I bought bf4 new upon release with China rising add-on.

I have origin version now, is there any chance I get China rising free as ice already paid for it ?

Rearden855d ago

I think China Rising is only part of Premium now, but Premium is usually on sale almost all the time.

djplonker857d ago

This doesn't make any sense... A new map needs to be designed and tested fully

An old map doesn't need nearly as much designing or testing.

C-H-E-F856d ago

But, you have to think about how the dev. team isn't downsized as well. The devs that make BF4 are now 3 different teams making 3 different games, while supporting BF4.

I would say just port the playlist into BF4 and have it say BF3 playlist, up the RES on the maps and call it a day. Then bug test the asset drop after users complain. lOl

Skate-AK856d ago

"Then bug test the asset drop after users complain."

Isn't that what DICE has been doing the last 4 years? Haha.

C-H-E-F855d ago (Edited 855d ago )


Hahaha, true that so I suppose there's no reason why they shouldn't add the maps then. lOl

finbars75857d ago

Yeah right that is why I have been playing the cte for noShar canal . looks great and is set up different from the original which I loved.

Skate-AK856d ago

I think I follow you on Twitch. Not 100% sure those because the person plays on PS4 and I know they don't have the CTE.

finbars75854d ago (Edited 854d ago )

Actually you do follow me and I do play on PC as well as Xbox one. I just play on my PS4 more because of my friends.I first started streaming on PS4 2 years Xbox Gamer tag is finbars75 and matty1975 is my PC name. Check out Battlelog if you like. I have no reason to lie. I just don't stream my PC or Xbox one because I don't play with to many ppl on there that I know. If you know me from twitch you would know that I play on all platforms. Just because I don't stream it doesn't mean I don't play on it.

Skate-AK854d ago

Haha nah man I don't think you are lying. I think you took my comment the wrong way. I was just saying I wasn't sure if you were the same person or not.

finbars75854d ago

Sorry man it sounded like you were calling me out my bad man. It's worded in a way where it can go either way and on n4g usually it's bad lol. Take care man my apologize

Skate-AK851d ago

Haha no worries man. I have been here a long time. I know how it is and how people are.