Is Ride to Hell the worst game ever made? Find out for £3

Dealspwn: Sometimes a game is just so bad, you have to try it. The reviews for this one are full of scorched-earth fury at such shoddiness and essentially an offensively bad game. But like Duke Nukem Forever, sometimes you have to see a wreck for yourself. If you can handle the stench, it's only £3 at this site today.

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DarkOcelet1166d ago

Don't buy this game. Don't even get a pirated copy. This is one of the worst POS games i have played in my life. UGH!

And to think Deep Silver wanted to turn this crap into a franchise makes me sick. And this is not of those games that are so bad they are good.

This game is just bad.

Paytaa1166d ago

I'm just waiting for the Game of The Decade edition

Relientk771166d ago

I think you mean, The Best Game Ever Made! Edition

Relientk771166d ago

Hey what happened to the love for E.T. on Atari.

assdan1166d ago

I really enjoyed playing this. It's such an incoherent, buggy mess lol.

morganfell1166d ago

It is the worst game ever. And the DLC actually breaks the game on consoles so you cannot play the original game unless you delete the DLC.

A horrendous death for a game that began as an original and very much anticipated idea. In the end they took the assets and threw them into a completely worthless game that should have led to the publisher and devs never being allowed to make another game again...ever.

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SaveFerris1166d ago

I think £3 is too much to ask for this particular game.

Paytaa1166d ago

This game is comedy gold.

Godmars2901166d ago

How about no? Why support a bad game in any way, shape or form aside from a review it deserves?

Simco8761166d ago

I watched a gameplay video, but with no sound. It doesn't look terrible, what am I missing?

Foocaine1166d ago

Watch some youtube clips. You'll see.

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The story is too old to be commented.