137 and Counting - The Backwards Compatibility List Getting it Right

Grab it is reporting on a list of backwards compatatible xbox 360 games that has successfully predicted the arrival of Borderlands and Ubisoft's range to the program.

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SlappingOysters1111d ago

Still just want EA's Skate 2 please. And some Rockstar love would be good!!

sarahnade1111d ago

I am hanging out for Rockstar to sort their shit out - I NEED Red Dead.

SlappingOysters1111d ago

And L.A. Noire - if you have not played that, it is quite awesome.


Red Dead Redemption is the most interesting title... I think. If it gets added I don't see Rockstar porting RDR to new consoles (and maybe PC?) and if they say now... I think its a given that it will be ported at some point.


Should be... No, if they say no I think its a given that it will be ported at some point.

*grumbles* stupid typo...

Jmanzare1111d ago

i dont understand why people want rdr so badly. i loved the game.. but after i beat it i never played the game again. I want something from last gen with replay value obviously because i want games that i will "replay" like the skate games, any capcom fighter, and some of the earlier cod games just to name a few.

RaTaTaT1111d ago

That's a nice list. I can't wait to see what else they bring.

BattleAxe1111d ago

Bad Company 1, Bad Company 2, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 and The Darkness would be awesome.

SlappingOysters1111d ago

Nice call on The Darkness; that was one trippy game. I would love to see Spec Ops: The Line and Kingdoms of Amalur get the treatment too - both are on my pile of shame.

RedDeadLB1111d ago

The Darkness 1 trumps those games easily. It's such an amazing game that I'm sad again they went with the over-the-top and comic book look with the sequel.

DragonDDark1111d ago

Still needs more games...

Imortus_san1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

Give me the fighting games from XBLA, Capcom and SNK games, plus the puzzled, platform and shooters like Raiden Dodonpachi, Lost Odyssey and many more.

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