Continue?9876543210 – How death is inevitable…In a fun way

GE writes: I’ll start this one by explaining the preface of Continue?9876543210 by indie developer Jason Oda.

Continue?9876543210 takes place inside a computer system based on the systems temporary memory aka RAM. RAM is where temporary information is stored and passed from the processor to the hard disk and back again and is eventually deleted in an optimization process called “garbage Collection” . Our hero faces removal from this process. Your character (1 of 5) has died and failed in their mission, which you later find is to save their love Celia.

The moral under tone of the game is the fact that death is inevitable for all of us, it’s how we greet it and the journey up until we meet with death that we must learn from and eventually embrace. Ensure you allow yourself to embrace the world around you and the people you meet, as one day we’ll all get caught up with our individual “Garbage Collection” program.

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