DiscStorm Review - Uninspired, Boring and Better Suited as a Browser Based Game | COG

COG writes - DiscStorm isn't a bad game so much as a game that is so completely middling that it's entirely boring. XMPT Games seems destined for greater things once they take off their developer training wheels.

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Digital_Anomaly1211d ago

Can't say I expected anything more. It didn't look very impressive right out the gate.

Paulhammer1211d ago

I think the character design says it all here. Pass.

generalwinter1211d ago

Yeah I never got very hyped for this, and it looks like I was right. Too bad.

CuHnadian1211d ago

As I mentioned in the review, the game is not horrible, just nothing remarkable and should not have been released as a full game on Steam.

MRBIGCAT1211d ago

No thanks, I'll take a big ol' pass on this one!

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