Just How Open World Will Shenmue 3 Be? Yu Suzuki Answers Questions

How open-world will be Shenmue 3 be? Will there be a pet dog? Are there going to be Coca Cola collaborations in the game?

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hkgamer1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

kinda funny interview.
I guess it wont hit the $10mil mark for full openworld(whatever that means). but hopefully we will have seamless transitions when entering buildings/rooms/shops.

Not really sure how many buildings are going to be in this tbh since its set in china in the 80's and we will probably just be visiting tiny villages but lets hope we dont have to suffer from load screens like the previous games.

Also would love to make activities a little more streamlined/quicker. I dont mind having to pick up every item and then buy it, but that whole process took ages especially if you wanted to spend all your money from shenmue 1 at the beginning of shenmue 2.

offtopic: how did i get my 5 bubbles back? 3 bubbles was a pain in the ass