Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition To Weigh About 5 lbs with Everything Included

And the Pip-Boy Edition dimensions are roughly 310 x 210 x 255 (in millimeters).

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MRBIGCAT1040d ago

I already pre-ordered mine.

ReelBigMike1040d ago

I really regret not pre-ordering more than one copy when I got mine from Amazon. Could've made some serious cash with the extras.

King Nezz1040d ago

Shame on you! Just kidding, I made the same mistake. But instead of selling them for a profit, I just wanted two. One to actually use and one to add in my collection.

vudu1040d ago

I did the same. One set will be displayed next to my Vault-Tec lunchbox.

EazyC1040d ago

Moral apprehension aside, I'll join the 'ungrateful b*stard' parade by agreeing that I too regret not pre-ordering a few extra. Looks like some clever greedy guys on ebay uk are asking for extortionate amounts of money for this! I feel like telling them Bethesda intends to make more but I'm not able to.

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