Xbox One's backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games tested

GR-UK writes: We've tried out Xbox One's backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 titles, with both digital games and retail discs. This is what we discovered.

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LostDjinn1251d ago

Wait, you need to be online to use BC? OMG! There's no reason why after the patch you would need to do that.

Always online seems to still be a thing for MS. The difference now appears to be rolling it out by stealth.

Bzone241251d ago

I'm not seeing where it says you need to be always online. I see where you have to be logged in to Xbox Live to get your games, but that's a given.

LostDjinn1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Third paragraph (sentence). What's the reference point? You have to be online.

Edit: My apologies. The fourth.

Bzone241251d ago

I'm assuming you mean the fourth paragraph which is:

"Of course, you have to be logged in with your gamertag on Xbox Live. Digital games you have purchased already will be available under the "My Games" tab. These can be installed directly from the cloud."

Yes you have to be logged in with your gamer tag to see the game in the My Games tab. Then you can install it from there.

No where does it say you have to stay online after you download the game. But of course you will have to be online to download the game. You are really trying to make more of this than what it is.

LostDjinn1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

So your excuse is that it's just written badly?
Is that it?

There you have it. It states you must be online Period. Then says you can the download games. If you read the whole thing it says you sign in as a 360. I've read it 4 times. Why would that happen...if you just had to download a patch?

No serously? I want to know.

Bzone241251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

My excuse is your reading comprehension if you are getting that you have to always be online to use backwards compatibility from this article. You are the only person posting in this topic that has came to that conclusion.

Farmassy1250d ago

How does lostdjinn not understand this? To download a game you must first be online. This is because you can't just magically create data files on your xbox. The game has to come from what a lot of people are calling "the internet." It's this new thing everyone is talking about.

On a different topic that actually relates to the article, everyone should buy shadowrun when it becomes backwards compatible. I was able to buy it for less than 2 dollars. It's an amazing game

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DeeJayQc1251d ago

You need to be online to download the game... They already said that.

Kingdomcome2471251d ago

I'm sure that Djinn is aware of this. I imagine Djinn just felt like doing a bit of ol' mud slingin'.

Sm00thNinja1251d ago

All those bubbles with comments like this.... Yup I'm at N4G alright

RiseofScorpio1251d ago

You can be sure N4G is a corrupt place when a guy with near max bubbles is getting away with completely spreading BS.

RiseofScorpio1251d ago

N4G is corrupt place, judging by the amount of bubbles this guy has compared with his BS on Xbox articles.

1251d ago
TWB1251d ago

Thats probably because they have to custom tailor and repackage the emulator with each game to get a perfect performance. So its just not quite as simple as slapping the disc in and the machine just reading and running the game via some basic do-it-all emulator.

vikingland11251d ago

It's almost like streaming then....oh wait.

Bigpappy1251d ago

Oh really now. How exactly do you play your PSnow PS3 games offline? You people are the worst. Just bring up crap because you now there is and audience for it here.

LostDjinn1251d ago

PSNow is a service champ. Game streams from server to user. No connection to stream. BC...equals streaming now? You guys really will say anything won't you.

After the patch download, what's the connection for? Does the Game code mutate every few seconds or something? It doesn't surprise me that those with a "history" of such are attacking a person (then acting the victum) for someone stating fact.

Keep up the good work team. MS must be proud. :)

JasonKCK1251d ago

LostDjinn what is your secret? How do you to make one bubble troll comments but manage to have 9?

NatFanBoyRestricted1251d ago

You obviously have to be online signed to, so the service check your account info from 360 to see what you owned, and then just download the game. You don't have to be online all the time. But obviously you have to be online to play multiplayer. Just played Toy Soldiers cold war last night. There is no stupid stealth online bs. Simple as that.

LostDjinn1251d ago

Well that's good to know. A response to what's written (poorly) caused what response from bots? Seriously. I bookmarked it to link to when they play the victum.

Thanks for the clarification btw.

TheHaloGuy1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Jumping to such a roundabout and random conclusion. Lost, stop being such a weirdo. You dont have to try so hard to find faults with things you have a problem with. Just let it go.

WiiUsauce1250d ago

Are you not online now leaving that comment??? Who doesnt have internet these days??

Professor_K1250d ago

is it me or is the ps fanbase becoming more infantile.

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RJ920091251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Yeah so I can play banjo the first one not signed in on Xbox live so this is a flat out lie but yeah to get banjo I had to be online crazy hu you have to be online to download a game my mind is blown!! I always thought the Easter bunny put the games on there

Nirvana315911251d ago

No thanks. If I wanted to play old games I wouldn't have gotten new consoles

Kingdomcome2471251d ago

Man, you know... after your 50'th or so time making pretty much the same exact comment I'm starting to believe you. You're really banging the heck out of this drum, Nirvana.

Max-Zorin1251d ago

^Playstation fans, send him some game invites so he can stop trolling.

BinaryMind1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

You realize you can do both right?

I own a 360 but have no extra slot to connect to my TV. Also, I have no more space on my hard-drive. There are several games I own digitally on 360 that I've never played because of this. Backwards compatibility is a huge plus.

NatFanBoyRestricted1251d ago

That's why you got a ps4? Remaster master race and streaming old games, paid for both all over again. This feature was originally intended to help 360 players to transfer to the One. And is free. But Sony selling you the same shit again.

NeoGamer2321251d ago

This comment makes zero sense.

First, you can still play new games on the new console.

Second, this just provides gamers with an option. If you don't like it, no one is forcing you to use it.

Third, it is not like they are diverting resources away from new games. MS still announced a bunch of new first party games for the future and their 2015 lineup the rest of the way is very strong.

Julion07151251d ago

So why exactly are you here?

Professor_K1250d ago

if i have the freedom to do both, i will do so

no need to downplay something your jealous of

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LAWSON721251d ago

Picked up ME earlier and I can't stop playing. It is still one of the best games ever made IMO and the best in the trilogy. Wish I could play some ME3 MP though

WizzroSupreme1251d ago

I can't wait to try this out for myself this holiday. Sure wish I was a preview member.

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