Fallout 4 E3 2015 Build versus Fallout 3 Comparison Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "Reddit’s member ‘CaptainThump’ has released some screenshots comparing the 2015 build of Fallout 4 with Fallout 3. CaptainThump chose identical scenes in Fallout 3, thus giving us a glimpse at the graphical differences between these two games."

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ZaWarudo1251d ago

Oh dear god, Dogmeat was frigging ugly in Fallout 3.

KwietStorm1251d ago

lol he looks like a large rat. I don't want to see any complaints about graphics after that stage demo Sunday night.

mikeslemonade1251d ago

Nice comparison but I get annoyed by comments that sound like this "oh it looks better".

Yea it's suppose to look better, I atleast expect that.

pivotplease1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

The comparison was made to begin with because of a bunch of snot-nosed kids saying the game looked identical to Fallout 3 and I quote "like a 360 game. " Just no.

ThunderPulse1250d ago

Mole Rats actually look like "mole rats" in FO4.

xActionBasturdx1250d ago

Well these screens kill the accusations of it looking like a 360 game...didn't realize how ugly the dog was lmao

Erik73571251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Looks much better, especially the Character models and lighting.

Lighter91251d ago

I would love it even if it went back to top down isometric.

Lighter91251d ago

"BACK TO top down isometric." Exactly what I was saying. ;)

curtis921251d ago

"4 looks just like 3" they said...

Perjoss1251d ago

Also worth mentioning those are PC screenshots of Fallout 3, so It's Fallout 3 looking its best minus mods.

Simco8761251d ago

Game has made my whole year. I don't even care about other releases...I just want this game in my eyes right now! But I can wait...

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The story is too old to be commented.