PS4 Exclusive New Nier by PlatinumGames Gets Beautiful Art; Will “Fully Harness” the Power of PS4

Today Square Enix announced a new Nier in development at Platinum Games, and they just released the press kit, including some lovely new artwork, some info, and the 3D model of the character that appears in the trailer.

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Magicite1225d ago

Made by Platinum Games...enough said!

Spotie1225d ago

One of my favorite games of last gen being made by one of the premier devs of last gen on the strongest hardware of this gen.

I'm in.

bouzebbal1225d ago

NieR by Platinum Games! Platinum trophy for Sony on this one!

Lightning Mr Bubbles1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Wow, they have great stuff they didn't even have time to show at their E3 conference. PS4 is doing very good.

WelkinCole1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Platinum always means great gameplay so that is first.

Still would be interesting to see more.

SmielmaN1225d ago

Platinum just doesn't seem to know how to not make a fun game experience. Love their work. Now release Bayo3 plz :)

MasterCornholio1224d ago

Seal of quality.


Except for Sora let's forget about that one.......

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NatureOfLogic_1225d ago

I really don't think any true gamer can go without a PS4 this gen. Square Enix has fully redeemed themselves that fast. It's amazing.

Svinya1225d ago

Let's not wait and see how the games turn out or anything...

Let's just be blind fanboys instead!

God, you're annoying..

LightofDarkness1225d ago

Japanese Studios are back with a bloody vengeance all of a sudden. That's the biggest news out of this E3 for me.

dcj05241225d ago

A true gamer can be on any platform man.

DarkOcelet1225d ago

I cant wait to see this game in action.

Square collaborating with Platinum is really awesome news.

LightofDarkness1225d ago

Yaaaaaaassszs!!!!!! I love Nier!

jay21225d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.