7 Fallout 4 Changes That Will Ensure It Was Worth the Wait

Fallout 4 was recently revealed and fans across the world rejoiced. Here's a list of 7 things that we'll all be hoping will be in Bethesda's future release.

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Dancryer1164d ago

Interesting read, but misleading title should have been '7 things we want to see in Fallout 4'

thekhurg1164d ago

There's a lot more than 7 things that need to change/improve in Fallout 4 to make it worth the wait. Bethesda's formula of copy/pasted fetch quests, level scaling no challenge gameplay, poor writing, and choices that have almost no impact on the game world around you are just the beginning of a long list of issues.

showtimefolks1164d ago

Don't know about 7 but here goes

Improved shooting without having to always rely on V A T S

Please do bring back V A T S

Interested story with well thought out side quests, along with meaning full choices. Also don't be so back and white choices wise, leave some grey area. Also let us make some very tough choices where there is no right or wrong

Loot and a lot of it

Huge open world with a lot to do and see

Interesting characters and please hire more Than 3 people to do voice overs. For love of gaming you are Bethesda, you sure can afford more people to do the voices

Please make sure fallout 4 is as polished as possible. No day one game breakig glitches or bugs that will delta the save of gam3 freezes all the time

Yes in a open world game small glitches are not uncommon, just look at witcher 3. But when the game does have any issue please be on it ASAP and fix it

And we know there will be 4 or 5 expansion dlc packs. So make sure those are interesting and send us to new areas with new characters. Maybe let's us see the story from a different angle or let us visit a town that people only spoke about during main game but we couldn't get to it

And last please release in 2015

ironcrow23861164d ago

I really hope the skill levels get tweaked it really does my head; in particular for lock picking, u gotta be at the right level before you can even attempt it whereas in skyrim for example u can be a low level and stil can have a go at master locks