Square Enix Working on New IP; Aims to Reboot Existing Ones & Develop in Collaboration with Partners

Today Square Enix released the transcript of its financial results briefing outlining the plan for Fiscal Year 2016, and CEO Yosuke Matsuda explained the company’s IP policies going forward.

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-Foxtrot1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

By rebooting them into things which are good games in general but don't actually feel like they are the same franchise. Something which could be a new IP in general.

That was Tomb Raiders problem with me. Great game but didn't feel like a Tomb Raider game. Should of just stuck with the original Lara Croft origin story...Himalayas are a big place who knows what she could of ran into as she tries to survive

EvilWay1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

the places they could go are limitless

Army_of_Darkness1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

The tomb raider reboot was probably the only thing SE did right cause I love that game! Made me like Lara even more:-) Which is why I'm a little jealous that xbone users will get to play the sequel first... Oh well.

The collaboration with partners sounds like SE needs some financial assistance. So I'm gonna expect some type of exclusive deal at E3

ABizzel11295d ago

Honestly Sqaure probably has some of the best IP's out of any 3rd party deve now.

Final Fantasy and all it's spin offs
Kingdom Hearts
Dragon Quest
Tomb Raider
Deus Ex
Just Cause
Star Ocean
Legacy of Kain
and a pretty solid selection of B games under their belt.

Buying Eidos has turned out to be a huge win for them, and now their JP devs seem to be getting their act together. This gen could be huge for Square.

lvl_headed_gmr1295d ago

Final Fantasy 7 reboot exclusive to Xbox One.

That's right, you heard it here first. E3 will be the announcement.

Happy Gaming.

Army_of_Darkness1295d ago

@lvl headed

Alan wake reboot exclusive for the ps4 at E3! You heard it here first ;-)
See, I can make crazy assumptions too.

mydyingparadiselost1295d ago

Don't pay attention to the hate, that's hilarious.
Funny bubbles

on_line_forever1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

i just want :

1. Parasite Eve ( especially something like second one )

2. vagrant story .

if they announcement these two games i will be so happy

DarkZane1295d ago

The thing is, Sony published it in every regions on PS1. Back in PS1 and PS2 days, publishing meant you own the game. This isn't a port like Mass Effect where they just used a new publisher, this is a remake and everyone involved in the original needs to be in. Which means the game would be Sony exclusive.

This is the reason why FFX/X-2 is PS exclusive and KH1.5 and 2.5 are also PS exclusive.

Anything involving FF7-FF10 and KH1-2,BBS will be exclusive to Sony if it happens.

Duoma1294d ago

@genius if they announce either of those i will slap my own grandma out of happy delirium

Perjoss1294d ago

Smart people know that a FF7 reboot is a terrible idea, no matter what platform its released on. Guess what, FF7 still runs fine on pretty much any platform it was released on, I'm guessing the people screaming for a reboot have not even bothered to play it for years, probably even since it first came out. Rose tinted glasses are a powerful thing apparently.

lvl_headed_gmr1294d ago


Sony sold all their shares associated with Final Fantasy 7 last year. Square Soft own the rights completely to FF7. Square Soft can do what they like with FF7 now...which means have a new publisher for the reboot.

DOMination-1294d ago

SE can do what they want anyway. The IP isn't FF7. The IP is Final Fantasy which Square has always wholly owned.

rainslacker1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Sony owns console publishing rights to FF7. So won't happen.

Sony sold it's shares in SE, but not it's rights to FF7 publishing on console. Unless you have some other link I think you are mistaken lvl_headed_gmr.

I don't know if they have rights to publish FF7 spin offs like Crisis core or what-not, but it wouldn't surprise me if they did.

DOMination-1294d ago

Rainslacker, you are absolutely wrong. As I said above, there are "no rights" to FF7. Yes, Sony published it but nearly 20 years ago and only because without them, Square couldn't afford to translate it themselves.

FF7 is NOT an intellectual property on it's own. It's part of the Final Fantasy IP which Square-Enix wholly own and can do whatever they want with. 7-10 inclusive are however synonymous with Playstation and the latest remasters of FFX (not published by Sony) show that SE are willing to keep these games exclusive. An FF7 remake could well end up being exclusive - in fact, I'd expect it to - but lawfully, it's perfectly possible that it could be multiplatform.

rainslacker1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Sony has exclusive console publishing rights to FFVII. That was their original deal with Square at the time of it's publication. Unless that contract was timed, or SE brought the console publishing rights back, Sony still retains those rights.

It's the same with all 3rd party exclusive titles. Those rights can be timed or perpetual and Sony likely has the option to sell those rights to another company, but these things usually require the original creator first rights to repurchase.

Can you provide a link that states that Sony lost the exclusive console publishing rights to the game, or are you just assuming that because FFVII is part of a series that that deal no longer exists? These publishing rights aren't even limited to FFVII, but all the FF games up to FFXII if I recall correctly.

I'd imagine that other companies can do the publishing, as is the case with X|X-2, but I doubt Sony is going to allow the games to release on other consoles as it weakens their brand. As far as I know, this deal was only applicable to the North American market, and possibly the EU, but I'd have to verify the latter.

And yes, FFVII is it's own IP. That IP exists in tangent with another IP, but it is indeed it's own thing. what you're saying is like saying that Titanfall 2 is not part of the TitanFall IP, just because they tack a number onto the end of it. That doesn't negate that TF1 will probably never release on another console unless MS gives up their console publishing rights to it.

This concept is not new in console gaming, it's been going on since the NES days.

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3-4-51295d ago

So they are letting other dev's help make some of their games ? I'm cool with it, as long as we get FFTA3, DQ7, DQ8, & DQ11 in the U.S.

Magicite1295d ago

Tomb Raider 2013 was the only TR game that I actually liked, old ones had too much platforming and were meh to me.

-Foxtrot1294d ago

Then you obviously didn't like what the original Tomb Raider games were

What you like now isn't Tomb Raider, it's a new IP trying to be similar to Uncharted with Tomb Raider slapped on the box.

1294d ago
Str8Chaos741294d ago

Would love to see a new Legacy of Kain game.

Kingscorpion711294d ago

The Tomb raider reboot actually copied Uncharted in so many ways but a lot of people can't see that.

-Foxtrot1294d ago

Exactly. It became an Uncharted clone with Hubs replacing chapters instead of an actual Tomb Raider game.

I don't see how her actions in the reboot made her "Lara Croft" and wanted to make her raid Tombs as Tombs were hardly even in the game.

There are so many QTE or life threatening moments where Lara gets hurt then there is in Uncharted entire trilogy.

Massacred1292d ago

True, but this is better than the IPS simply sitting in the garage collecting dust.

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KingKelloggTheWH1295d ago

How about focusing on new things? More games like tactics with big budgets would be great!

_-EDMIX-_1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

"working on new ips"

I mean...I would assume that means "new" things ie "ips" lol.

A big budget wouldn't equal a better game, I mean...that huge budget didn't some how just make RE6 GOTY.

Mega Man 9 and 10 were made on very small budgets from a very small team. Yet are amazing games. I'm not too sure what you mean by "big budgets" as I'm not sure how that has anything to do with overall great gameplay (you might mean presentation I guess).

I think the FF Tactics series could be getting rebooted, Parasite Eve (even with the whole IP thing), Square and Eidos have many old IP's that can return.

arkard1295d ago

I'd love for a Parasite Eve reboot.

Godmars2901295d ago

"that huge budget didn't some how just make RE6 GOTY."

The money spent on FF13 - nor the sequels - didn't help it any either. Just like what was spent on two game engines or the revamp of FF14 after the initial investment of the first version was wasted. Yet Square did such, and as consequence are pretty much pricing themselves out game production: because for some reason they have to go bigger.

What they, and we, need are smaller "big" games. Big games made with reasonable if not tight budgets by - relatively - small teams who know their tools inside and out, and can push out content in - again - a relatively short period of time.

No more Agni's Philosophy or FF7 PS3 tech demos. Cause those are only empty promises and burnt heaps of cash.

_-EDMIX-_1295d ago

@Godmars- I think your a bit misunderstood on those tech demos. Those from the start were stated to not be real games, they stated very, very clearly that the FFVII tech demo was just that...

Your asking for a big budget....

I'm saying a big budget doesn't some who mean a better game. To say Square did it last gen, to get it was bad, yet to ask for it again doesn't really make sense as I'm trying to understand what is it you want from them.

as you stated. "with big budgets" then state after I point it out it wasn't going to help much "The money spent on FF13 - nor the sequels - didn't help it any either"....I we know thats a bad idea or...? lol

"a relatively short period of time"

I would also say no to this, in a "realistic" time period I can agree on. FFXV was legit in development for almost 10 years, changed the name, engine, console etc. If anything, what needs to be changed is the management. Someone clearly needed to be in charge of that process as I don't really think there is an excuse for a decade development of a game that actually only has 2 years of development on the system it will actually even be released on (if that currently).

I don't think tech demo's are an issue with them as they must market themselves, they've never promised any of those as being real games and I feel the FF14 revamp was worth it.

They don't need bigger budgets, they merely need realistic expectations and real deadlines, better management etc.

I'm in real estate and I often work with people that think they can put money in an area that doesn't justify the price based on the market.

I see the same thing with many developers. Some IP's, genres etc won't sell a certain number regardless of what you pump into it based on the market just isn't that big for certain genres. Consider they can spend 30 million more on a game, who the hell knows this other then them?

Do gamers just buy games based on budget? Would the extra money in marketing, presentation etc translate into MORE sales? I mean...if that was true wouldn't Capcom, Square and many other publishers actually be doing better right now?

Like I said, I feel Square needs to know how the market responds to certain IPs and genres and budget accordingly. Things like Bravely Default (great JRPG btw, I would consider it the best RPG I've played in almost 10 years...well new anyway) can't just be ONLY on 3DS...if they want EA money....they need to be more like EA in terms of making games on many systems. They can't fear risk, yet not take chances on realistic returns. I'm sure BD would have done fine across PSN, XBL, Steam etc. I feel Square is selling themselves short and have made some big mistakes last gen. They could have really banked if they just invested in bring titles to many places, properly managed some projects and budgeted accordingly.

Godmars2901295d ago

Realistic in terms of production in that FF15 when it was first announced, it was called FF13 Versus. Though it has a demo out still has no set release date.

Realistic in terms of budget in as much Tomb Raider was a sales disappointment for them at 4 million sales, as again the white elephants that where FF14 and FF14 a Realm Reborn.

Square as it is now has no understanding of reasonable or realistic expectations in regards to production. That they showed the FF7 PS3 tech demo only to backtrack that such would have been a multi-generational *developer* project or that they still talk up Agni's Philosophy as if it could be a game screams as much.

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Roccetarius1295d ago

Rebooting existing games..hmm. That doesn't sound like a good thing at all, based on their decisions lately.

pompombrum1295d ago

Soul Reaver reboot please!

Entonations1295d ago

Hope they don't forget about pc support! they've been pretty good about that recently.

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