Sony on PS4 vs. Xbox One pricing: 'Any price war in any market can be dangerous'

Sony discussed the dangers in getting caught up in a price war, no matter the market or asset.

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ZaWarudo1186d ago

But a $50 cut wouldn't hurt (my wallet)

RocketScienceLvlStuf1186d ago

This something I have said myself. Price wars are dangerous to the market. I got marked for trolling for saying it when MS desperately cut the price of the xbone last year. I even argued with the mods about it.

I turns out what I said was true

mhunterjr1186d ago

But there has been no price war... Just market adjustment.

In a healthy market, supply and demand influences prices... That is exactly what happened with Xbox price drop.

A 'price war' would imply that all parties are racing to the bottom in knee jerk reactions to each other's pricing. That was never going to happen here... Sony is going to keep the price high enough to continue making a profit. They have so much market share, they need not be worried about MS' prices. When demand for the PS4 drop to below optimum, they well adjust the price accordingly. And not a moment sooner.

Yetter1185d ago

hold on, can I get an XB1 with Kinect for less than 499$ US at major retailers??

I just checked, no I can't.

There was no XB1 price cut, only the unbundling of the Kinect.

KryptoniteTail1186d ago

Hit $299, watch more records break.

Humans have a tendency to oover analyze and rely on statistics, and make what they call "informed decisions" but the proof is in the pudding; that doesn't always (or I submit, often does NOT) work in practice.

There's no alternative to common sense. If you can afford to hit $299 then do it. More games and more fans, you can't go wrong.

ABBAJESUS1185d ago

$299 You get PS4 + one game, end of this year.

WickedLester1186d ago

PS4 349.99 will be announced at E3.

G3n3raL861185d ago

Hopefully. I'm waiting for this year's E3 for confirmation, since i want a PS4 in order to enter da next-gen:)

ABizzel11185d ago


I think E3 has a 50% chance for a price drop or a 1TB SU.

Gamescom has a 100% chance for an entire PlayStation brand price drop PS4 $349 / $399 (500GB / 1TB), PSV $149, PS3 $149 / $199, and PSTV $49. The only reason I think Gamescom is more likely is so that they can keep a big announcement for the show, but more importantly so they can maintain max summer profit off of games like Batman and possibly MGS5 (both are likely Summer games), and keep momentum going throughout they year with the Announcement in late August and the price cut happening then or the first week of September.

It also gives space between the XBO price cut which I'm almost 100% sure is dropping down to $299 at E3 for the 500GB model, and allows them to see just how much impact the new Xbox price will make, as well as a potential Wii U price cut. Let them duke it out for summer sales, then they can steal the holiday season with their own price cut.

BiggerBoss1185d ago

Sony isnt going to Gamescom this year

WickedLester1185d ago


Yes they are. They're just not doing a press conference.

BiggerBoss1185d ago


Yeah, and a press conference would be where theyd announce a price drop...

lemoncake1186d ago

This is why you never want a monopoly situation, great for the company but bad for consumer. Good to see some healthy competition in the console market so these companies cannot rip off the consumer and maintain inflated prices for entire lifecycle.

WickedLester1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

The PS2 monopolized the gaming industry and I never heard anyone complaining. It's often regarded as having the best, most prolific library of games of any platform ever.

IcicleTrepan1185d ago

Monopoly means you have no other choice. The company with a monopoly can set whatever price they want and be as crappy a company as they want in the scenario of a monopoly because they don't have to worry about competition.

There were several consoles available from different companies other than Sony at the time of the PS2. They had no choice but to compete against the likes of Nintendo, Sega and Microsoft.

wakeNbake1185d ago

That gen was really only better for RPGs and platformers, everything else was better last gen.

MasterCornholio1186d ago

Anyone thinking that Sony is saying this to catch the competition off guard?

Reminds me of when they said they wouldn't announce the PS4 anytime soon and they did.

I just hope Sony doesn't do anything crazy because the PS4 is selling great and doesn't really need a price cut. But a 50$ cut for the holidays wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Immorals1186d ago

I just think they're resting on their laurels, when it's selling as well as it is, why sell for cheaper?

That said, they may drop the price after last months NPD

MasterCornholio1185d ago

The difference was only 10k though so I doubt they will drop the price because of the puny difference in sales. I'm guessing they are waiting to see how many PS4s The Witcher 3 and Batman will sell before deciding to drop the price.

Bathyj1186d ago

I think we may get a 1TB HDD first, with maybe a $50 price cut before Christmas.

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