GTA V Gameplay And Performance Review: The PC Version Rules

Hot Hardware: Ever since Grand Theft Auto V’s initial release back in September 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, PC gamers have been eagerly waiting for Rockstar Games to bring title to the PC. 18 months later, and the long-awaited game has finally been released. Unfortunately, while Rockstar Games is known for releasing some top-notch titles, its track record with porting its games to PC hasn’t been stellar.

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Jackhass1182d ago

It's been a long wait, but it's been worth it.

r1sh121182d ago

agree. I had it on 360, played it at a friends house on ps4. it looks a lot better on PC
There are a couple of annoying things, when loading online the load times are way tooooo long.
When playing competitive online modes I cannot get on the same teams as friends, because the PC verison has custom option removed :/
Thats annoying, and they removed party mode which was loved by a lot of people in gta.

Its weird because they emphasise so much about crews, yet you cannot be on the same team as crew memebers because of balancing :/

Software_Lover1182d ago

Yeah, I was playing it yesterday and one of my friends came over. He couldn't believe it was the same GTA that he had played on ps3. It's a great game. I just with Rockstar had put this much effort into the PC GTA IV port.

SeanDKnight1182d ago

Agreed. However, I had several issues with GTA V as well that reminded me of the GTA IV port and its issues. If it weren't for the issues I encountered with GTA V, I would have given the game a perfect score.

r1sh121182d ago

what problems have you had?
Since release its been smooth 1200p 60fps for me with very high on everything using gtx 760 x2 (mars rog asus card)

SeanDKnight1182d ago


Can't reply to your comment directly, but I experienced texture popping, screen tearing, and the game freeze often while playing on a mid-range PC swapping between an AMD Radeon R9 280 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 (it's all in the view).