Xbox Live Deals With Gold - April 21st - April 27th

It seems we will have a light week for Xbox Live Deals with Gold, with only some COD and Assassin's Creed titles being on sale:

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LifeInNZ1126d ago

COD Ghosts DHE...$119 in NZD....its well over a year old....surely a joke?

This game should be $29.95 NZD by now.

Rebel_Scum1126d ago

Yeah we always get shafted price wise.

These deals overall are fairly average. Just sales on big annual franchise games that most people have. Boring!

LifeInNZ1126d ago

I personally believe that any game with online multiplayer should feature how many people are still playing and by region. I hate paying for multiplayer and no one is playing as they have all moved on to the next best thing.

barb_wire1126d ago

CoD 3 is still $9.99?! (and that's 50% off) I bought that game last summer from Microcenter for $0.99. Crazy price for such an old game.

spicelicka1126d ago

and black ops 2 is 20.39 after freaking 66% off!?