PlayStation Home dies with a whimper, but will anyone miss it?

Dealspwn: "PlayStation Home, Sony's attempt to create a shared persistent virtual universe for PlayStation gamers, is no more. The service shut down today with barely a whimper, not a single official special event to mark its passing. Just a blank screen and a network error.

We're not convinced that anyone noticed.

Still, let's take a look back at PlayStation Home from its unlikely birth to today's demise. Did you know, for example, that it started life as an attempt to one-up the Xbox 360's killer feature?"

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bggriffiths1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Man, I'm surprised it lasted this long. Wasn't really my cup of tea when I tired it at launch. Checked in every now and then for the new spaces, but the long load times and having to constantly redownload areas was too much hassle. Facebook just exploded since launch and killed the social vibe really.

Blues Cowboy1355d ago

Yeah, feel like it was a bit of a botch job. Kinda half-baked, nice idea but so simplistic and boring.

XisThatKid1355d ago

Had potential was approached way too much as a/ business. No advertisements and poor main support. I loved it personally but I didn't let popular belief be a deterrent from allowing me to enjoy it. I had fun wish it was more of a diet mmo but kept it as a hub for PS3 it could 've worked in a longer run. But glad it was profitable for Sony. RIP Home, I'll miss you.

trenso11355d ago

i like home in the early stages when the mall area wasnt to packed and there was less stuff going on. It was cool to hang out and play chess with people and stuff, but then they started adding way to much stuff make the load time way to long to warrant dancing in front of a bubble machine.

joeorc1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

It was known for a freaking year it was being shut down due to the replacement services being in development, already (Avakin Life) has already been released as of 2013, you can play it right now! Its already on iOS and Android, and Amazon Fire HD tablets. Its even made by Lockwood the largest Playstation Home indies developer made their own, its even ported just some of their own playstation home content out of the over 8 years worth of content that they have provided. Not just a little bit of content, several thousands of digital content, from Games to personal spaces to decorations, to Avatar Gear and Avatar Clothes to Avatar enhancements like faster Movement or special effects in the environment for your avatar.

Yes, it is indeed making it to the ps4, as is Neotopia which is the developers that made spun land madmunky, than there is already Avakin Life which is made by Lockwood which is also porting the Avakin Life Game that's already on Android , iOS, and Amazon Fire devices to the PS4.

The relaunch of Home is and is not 100% a Playstation Home Relaunch, many of the 3rd party developers that were mostly 3rd party indie development studios, mainly wanted to make their own ver of Playstation Home, but with their own worlds and their own development assets.

Playstation Home worked, and it indeed worked all to well, due to the fact it was almost pure profit, low investment cost but High Return on DLC digital content that you could release. That also means that the PS4 being all new hardware, that the developers wanted to make use of a new Engines and making the New Ver Better than the PS3's Playstation Home.

again, it was not just one of these companies, it was more than one So the three largest development studios on playstation Home wanted their own, so that split the development assets between three, Sony could not do it beside themselves without more development teams, the fact that even Sony would be starting over on the PS4 for a playstation Home releaunch, but also with the three largest development indie 3rd party studios all making a choice to make their own. Sony Decided to Drop Playstation Home but still allow the release of the new social 3D game's to release on the PS4.

Avakin Life

Currently Avakin Life is already to go, you can already play it on iOS, and Android.

Thats pretty Much it