HellDivers Gameplay: Protecting Super Earth By Destroying Galactic Enemies...And Ourselves

The Short Pause Helldivers crew does their part in the ongoing fight to protect Super Earth from enemies across the galaxy, and at times, from themselves.

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TheDude791223d ago

The game seems to be working much better now since they've released update 1.03, though it sounds like Arrowhead Games is still fine tuning the cross-play functionality. Overall, the game just keeps getting better and better. Really happy to see this game getting the recognition it deserves. It's right up there with Ori and the Blind Forest (another downloadable title!) as one of the best games released so far this year IMO.

S2Killinit1222d ago

Its the best Co-Op game I've ever played. I've played it with people who don't even game, and they got into gaming because of it. Right now they are playing while chatting on the headset /: now i have seen everything.

Summons751222d ago

Really wish they would allow for a demo of the game. It looks good but I'm not sure if I'll like it so I don't want to spend the cash.

TheDude791222d ago

I wish there was a demo as well because the more people that get their hands on this game, the better! They would only need to include a few level 3-4 missions and people would be sold on paying $19.99 for it!

Summons751222d ago

Nobody I know got the game for the exact same reason. There just needs to be more demos, there is no reason why they can't do it.

nowitzki20041222d ago

Havent watched any vids or seen anything but everyone seems to be enjoying it. Is it like Resogun or something?