Error fixes for Cities Skylines PC: Stopped working, Freezes, Failed to start, Bugs, Crashes

Cities Skylines brings up you the experience of Modern Day city simulation games. Many Gameplay elements which are never seen previously can be seen in this game. From the makers of Cities in Motion, this game boasts to have a centralized transport system. The trailer suggests the same thing. The developers have comfortably succeeded in mesmerizing the Gamers. Anyway, few Minor bugs and crashes might bring down the reviews a bit. All in all, this game has got Overwhelmingly positive reviews from Steam.

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Ark_1223d ago

Your headline is a bit overboard. Sounds like a total launch disaster. As you say yourself: few minor bugs, that will be fixed. All in all a really well crafted simulation game. Good work.

3-4-51223d ago

* If you actually play the game, or go on reddit and read what people are saying you would understand that this game is amazing.

* Basically everybody has said nothing but good things about this game, except for this person trying to get clicks.


* 13 People just proved you don't need a team of 100-200+ people to make a great game.