Rise of the Tomb Raider Will Have Nested, Physics Based Puzzles

Here's how Rise of the Tomb Raider will improve on its predecessor in terms of puzzles and actual "tomb raiding".

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Chris_Wray1314d ago

Ooh, we'll actually have some actual tomb-raiding here then! Hah.
Well, a great game the previous ones and when tomb-raiding was actually done I enjoyed it, it'd be nice to see more of it and a bit more challenge and thought put into it.

Imp0ssibl31314d ago

To be honest, I found a couple quite hard. Still, I dig the idea of more tombs to discover as that's Lara's job after all

ccgr1313d ago

I don't like puzzles :(

Relientk771313d ago

I would like to see what kind of puzzles are in this

Barnaby-Jones1313d ago

Everything i'm hearing about this game is awesome! If it improves on everything from the last game, I can see it being a Goty contender. Can't wait to see gameplay!

Alexious1313d ago

I agree, but I'll still wait for the "definitive edition" on PC with all the bells and whistles.

Monstar1313d ago

Hope this tomb raider doesn't hold your hand and is as Linear as the first one. We shall see.

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