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When first released in 1996, Resident Evil set the bar for the survival horror genre. With the recent HD Remaster, the question is whether the game can stand on its own as a quality experience for a modern audience. The answer is a qualified yes. If you can look past its many minor flaws and frustrations, Resident Evil HD Remaster will scratch any survival horror itch, and successfully updates a classic for the modern age.

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TheSuperior 1375d ago

I was curious how this game would play out. I am a huge RE fan but haven't picked it up yet. hopefully Ill get to try it for myself soon.

LaWiiG1375d ago

I just want to play it on max settings. I mean, that's usually the kicker for me. It justifies the money spent.

Dabigsiebowski1375d ago

This game is a gem and is a solid 9 at least in my book. Game has broke digital records and deserves it. This is the classic resident evil we all love.

Now make another fresh one like this but with panta rhei Capcom!

WizzroSupreme1375d ago

I've never played any Resident Evil before 4. I can't wait to dive into this. Looks like RE 1 done right.

Darth Gamer1375d ago

Your in for a treat then. Easily the best resident evil game to date.

BaltimoreNovak1375d ago

Had a blast playing through this game again. I really like how there is multiple endings and major differences between both playable characters.

LaWiiG1375d ago

I remember back in those days when 8 hours was significant. RE 1 and RE 2 are the best in the series. I would only count Code Veronica if you play it on Dreamcast. Mmmmm, Dreamcast.

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