Jeff Rubenstein says working on level stats

A blogger asked Jeff, from the, about the deal with the API data and some other things. The facebook mail got some news about working on some stuff. Check it out!

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TripleTags3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago ) will be first in line ;).

Omegasyde3692d ago

1)Patch all 1st party titles for trophies/custom music
2)Cross Game Chat
3)More PS1 titles
4)All others

pwnsause3692d ago

well you dont have to worry about first party games much. except for a few that are not going to get patched (ex.Resistance 1). as for the other, we know its going to happen, but when

Omegasyde3692d ago

I was bummed when I popped in Motorstorm and no custom music came up. If any games new custom music its racers and RPG's.

Also What I mean by priorities also is they don't concentrate on stupid crud "gamers" really don't need like:

1)internet browsing in game. Why? The only reason I can see it being remotely useful is for people who want to access I can see it taking alot of ram as well. Sorry guys but do you really need to check out your myspace page that badly?

2)"In-Movie" XMB. Maybe later down the line like after "Home".

3)"in game XMB" for PS2 titles. Finish the PS3 side of the house first. If anything perhaps they should update the profile status for people playing ps2 games as "playing ps2 game". ;)

pwnsause3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

oh yea, i agree with that, i believe that they should prioritize on the the PS3 gaming side first as well. but when you think about it, this is a big priority, the ability to interact with your gamercard online on your PC is a big deal. not just because the PSN has to match Live, but it is part of building the gaming community, Home is going to play a part with this

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TripleTags3692d ago

No one working for us really sent anything. That was a very excited forum member.

Expy3692d ago

So they have Facebook stalkers as well.. lol

meepmoopmeep3692d ago

there's an official PS Group you can join on Facebook.

cool, i'll just hold off for the official Sony API.
would love Uncharted & MGS4 trophies ASAP though ;D

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