Xbox One Version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Might Have Just Been Teased by Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is only on PC, PS3 and PS4 at the moment, but there are many who would like to be able to play the game on Xbox One as well.

While nothing has been officially announced, Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida might have just teased an upcoming Xbox One port of the game during the latest Letter from the Producer Live broadcast aired from the Tokaigi Japan Game Party 2015 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, near Tokyo.

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Jubez1871415d ago

Wont even matter if they don't get to play with anybody else. Don't even think that there would be enough xbone players to play by themselves though. Also don't think the system would run it very well at all.

gamerfan09091415d ago

Sony fanboy logic and reasoning.

Volkama1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Most of it was OK. There probably wouldn't be a huge community on the Xbox One version if they isolate off the servers.

Saying it wouldn't run is a bit silly though, as the game is available on the PS3 and very evidently designed around that system.

mikeslemonade1415d ago

Gamerfan^ that logic is better than yours.

Jubez is right that there won't be many X1 gamers. It's half the install base and Final Fantasy is a PlayStation centric game. This is a MMO not some COD game where you only need 12 people for a match.

The system will run it well though so Jubez is wrong on that account. 1080p 30 frames for sure.

Kal0psia1415d ago


Not unless it's crossplay along with PC, which as confirmed today it might not only be FFXIV, might even be DC universe.

GameNameFame1415d ago


Depends on how you classify "1080P"

Now all the x1 version with downgraded resolution is 1400 x 1080P, so it still has number 1080 in it...

All the new games are still having resolution issue.

So 1080P 30fps is unlikely. even if this rumor is confirmed.

NeoGamer2321415d ago

FF XIV Realm Reborn is also on PS3. I am sure if the PS3 can do it, the X1 would have no problem.

Only Sony fanboys care about that kind of resolution difference now. 80% of the planet cannot tell the difference between a PS4 and a Xbox One multi-platform game now.

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LAWSON721415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

All I need is me and my friends (all on Xbone) lol

Abriael1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

They'd be able to play at the very least with other PC players. And the game runs on PS3, FFS...

MasterCornholio1415d ago

I'm not sure how that will work since PS4 players can play with PC players.

I believe that Microsoft may have made an exception for this game.

Nitrowolf21415d ago

If they can play with pc, then surely ps4, cause how would that work with a pc gamer trying to play with a ps4 and xbox player?

Unless that's not allowed, which is lame

jebabcock1415d ago

Yeah, if X1 and PS4 users are on the same servers playing the same game... That would be monumental indeed... It has never happened before. That would be totally awesome if true...

Volkama1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

@Jebabcock FFXI had PS3, 360, and PC players all holding hands. But Final Fantasy (and World of Warcraft) were massive powers in the gaming landscape at the time, so Square were in a better position to negotiate.

Microsoft don't really have anything to gain from keeping them separate. They may have the likes of Zenimax Online knocking on their door with some vigor if they do make an exception though.

Edward751415d ago

On ff11 you could play with Sony players.
FF14 will allow the same if it comes out on x1.

It was made on 360, ps2, and PC knowing that it would be handled by SE after going through live. (FF11 that is)

No reason for it to not be the same.

Jubez1871415d ago

Yes it runs on PS3 but we're trying to get RID of PS3 support. We don't need another shitty system holding it back. If it can play with everyone thought I'm down though.

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Immorals1415d ago

I hope you like the taste of your words, because you'll be eating them when this game comes to xb1 with cross platform play with pc.

Caffo011415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

if it has online play with pc, MS has to allow online with ps4/ps3 too because pc and ps4/ps3 players can all play together.

MasterCornholio1415d ago

Well square did say that they wouldn't do this unless Microsoft accepts crossplatform play.

I believe that Microsoft may have made an exception for this game. Really good MMO in my opinion.

Immorals1415d ago

I'm guessing it's part of the windows 10 push (cross platform play is coming to fable legends, after all!)

Moldiver1415d ago


Its like I always say..... Its always the guys with the fruity looking anime avatars, that always say the dumbest shit.

Concertoine1415d ago

Yeah, what a bunch of losers!

Heh... heh... *clears throat*

Kaz_Spencer1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

If that piece of technological failure--the PS3--can run it, the One will do just fine. FFXIV isn't exactly hard to run in the first place. Hopefully they use MS servers so there won't be any down-time.

MasterCornholio1415d ago

"Hopefully they use MS servers so there won't be any down-time."

OK two problems with that comment.

1. Microsofts servers are not invincible.

2. Square is using their servers for the PC and PS4 version. In order to enable cross play all three need to be on the same server system.

Soulscare1415d ago

Yes, the PS3 is a total technological failure, you got it spot on right there, well done! Now go out and play.

GameBoyColor1415d ago

Wouldn't that separate Xbox players from the rest of us? that's not good for our community.

I'd love to play with my friends that have xbox.

Bigpappy1415d ago

Yep. You really don't think.

christocolus1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )


why are you even here? are you upset that xbox players will finally be able to try out the game?

anyways im glad they finally bringing it over.I wonder if Squares recent announcemnt about FFXIV upgrading to DX11 has anything to do with this.

Magicite1415d ago

SE tries to please MS too much to the point of disgustment.

Zeref1415d ago

A midrange PC can run this. Xbox One will do fine.

However... If this isn't f2p I don't want it. Buy2play doesn't work for console games.

1415d ago
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Loktai1415d ago

Good for them if it finally does come, would be nice if it was cross platform, doubtful it would be with all other machines but still..


No need to be salty its bad enough they waited much longer than its other platforms to get it- Its true that for a long time XBOX LIVE restricted cross platform play but I think on PS4 Its not on PSN and doesnt require PS PLUS, it could be the same on XBOX And with MSs new push for xbox to be a companion to the windows 10 brand it could happen easily and wouldnt be too shocking.

Kurisu1415d ago

FFXI was on 360 so it'd be no surprise if FFXIV eventually made its way to Xbox One. I mean if Microsoft change their policies, then why wouldn't SE release it? I'm sure FFXIV makes SE a pretty penny so the more platforms the better.

KrisButtar1415d ago

All players from different platforms playing under the same roof. That would be something interesting to see and the only other game I have ever heard of that has also done it was FF11. Let the fanboys fight it out in PvP. lol

GameBoyColor1415d ago

72 fanboys attacking each other lol

KiwiViper851415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

XboxOne vs PS4 vs PC.. to the death... lets settle this war once and for all.

magiciandude1415d ago

Fanboy comments and articles on the web got really old. This should be a nice change of things...

GamesGamesGames1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I thought Adam Boyes said on stage during E3 that the only console the game will ever be available is the PS4

Thanks @Abriael for the quick response :-)

Abriael1415d ago

That was 2013. Things change with years. Yoshida said last summer that they were ready to make an Xbox One version as soon as Microsoft allowed cross-play.

Ciporta19801415d ago

How can that be true when it was on PS3 before it was in ps4?

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