Charles Cecil considering all-new project before returning to Broken Sword

Revolution Software co-founder Charles Cecil has discussed what's next for the studio, and why it will continue to involve its fans in the games it makes through crowdfunding.

Following the release of Broken Sword 5, the two-part adventure funded through Kickstarter that concluded in April 2014, the team are in the position of taking their time with its next project.

As well as discussions for a sequel for long-considered Beneath a Steel Sky 2, Cecil said he would "like to do something" before making another Broken Sword game, possibly an all-new project - the studio's first original property since In Cold Blood on PlayStation in 2000.

"Obviously people have been interested in a Beneath in a Steel Sky 2 - I have been talking to Dave Gibbons, who's wonderful - but he's incredibly busy. So we do talk about that," he told Digital Spy at the Pocket Gamer Connects conference in London.

"[As for] a new Broken Sword, I've got some ideas that I'm really excited by, I've got a story. And [also] something totally new. For the moment, I'm driving the totally new just to see how far it gets.

"I'm very aware that we've written a lot of Broken Sword games, and they come every five years, and so the next one might be five, four or three years off - I'd quite like to something before a new Broken Sword."

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