Fallout 4: Why It Should Stick To Single Player Campaign Mode Only

Martin Tooney writes:"There’s a book in my collection that I like to read from time to time, it’s the collected essays of Francis Bacon. One of the essays is titled, “Of innovations” and it talks about our will to change for better or for worse. This is relatable to modern game developers and their inclination to change the fundamental mechanics of their games to suit market trends. More often than not, by making it multiplayer."

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madmonkey011448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

i hope concentrate on making a great single player experience primarily, there are more than enough multiplayer shooters out there.

Oschino19071448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Really? Please tell me of all numerous the RPG shooters featuring a multiplayer component that are as deep as Fallout when it comes to story, exploration, gameplay variety, progression, etc...

NukaCola1448d ago


You sound like you are being a jerk bro.

He just doesnt want MP in a game like FALLOUT. Being primarily an FPS in terms of gameplay it would break the formula of what FO is about. And what would happen to VATS then? What is it a COD perk? Forget that. Make FO Online if you want that, not Fallout 4.

Anthotis1448d ago

I doubt that bugthesda will be able to resist the cash grab, and further rush the game to the shelves with a buggy multiplayer component.

All the missing stuff that should've been in the game to begin with will have to be paid for or not included. Anything they can't be bothered to use to bleed their customers will be left out when bugthesda once again abandons their latest bugfest after a year and half, as is tradition.

Hopefully, the modders will step up to fix and complete the game, just as they have been doing since Arena, over 20 years ago.

LamerTamer1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

All those things you mention (story, exploration, gameplay variety, progression) is because they can focus on tailoring the SP experience. If they jammed in MP just to do it things would need to change and not for the best as far as the SP part. There are compromises. For one thing if you are running netcode and threads to handle all of the MP aspects the graphics would need to be downgraded accordingly effecting the SP experience too. Also since dev resources are always limited, MP development would take away from the length and scope of SP.

Some games are better left to SP and some to MP. FO4 should remain SP and offline playable, and if they really want an online FO game make a "FO online" title at a later date.

nidhogg1448d ago

I agree. I'd rather have it Single Player only. 2 co-op is fine but I'd rather immerse by my own. Skyrim did a great job, Fallout 3 did a great job, Fallout New Vegas did a great job. Sometimes formulas are not meant to change. And yet, all these people clamoring for multiplayer would complain afterwards because it sucked or was not to their liking. Bunch of hypocrites.

nitus101448d ago

I am still playing Skyrim the legendary edition having over 200 plus of game play and have hardly done much for the main quest since there are so many things you can see and do.

One of the main features of this game is it's randomness when taking on quests so even if you replay you may not do things the same way.

I did like Dragon's Dogma - Dark Arisen although I found the quest system fairly simplistic (it's main let-down IMHO).

You are right a game with a good (in the eye of the beholder actually) single player with or without co-op is IMHO essential to any Action/Adventure and/or RPG. Of course an on-line component can add it's own enjoyment as well (eg the Souls series for me).

On-line only is not my idea of fun even if the game (example: Guild Wars) is free on-line. Having to pay for on-line access is a definite no sale for me even if the game gets rave review from critics.

Note: This is not a criticism of on-line only, if you like on-line only then that's great for you but I and I have to assume many others prefer a RPG with a decent single player game and a possible on-line component, not the other way around.

BallsEye1448d ago

Don't want a Destiny type of game out of fallout but just 2 player co-op would be really great IMO. I'd love to roam the wastelands with my wife :p.

Jonny5isalive1448d ago

Ill like it nomatter what it is. I dont think it will have multiplayer. Id imagine a co-op option could be awesome tho.

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showtimefolks1448d ago

FO4 will be single player only, i have zero doubt about that

Stapleface1448d ago

I've seen a few Fallout 4 articles lately. Did I miss an announcement or are people just speculating about something that currently, as far as I know, doesn't exist in the realm of known things. We just hope it's in development. Fair enough. I certainly hope they don't tack on a mp mode just to suit market trends. Fallout is fine as sp only. I wouldn't mind a drop in drop out co-op. But some kind of PVP or something to that effect just wouldn't fit in my opinion. If your going to do that it needs to be something different all together, which I'd likely buy. But it's not for Fallout. They need to focus 100% on making it the biggest and best, with the most content, and a good extension to the story, to go along with their already great series.

madmonkey011448d ago

just rumours, it does seem likely though.

WhiteGamerInc1448d ago

Speculation completely, but Bethesda is usually tight lipped about things whwn they want to be.

Ultr1448d ago

Let them do what they want...sheesh

Maybe it would be the best thing ever?

sugawalls1448d ago

Just like elder scrolls online right?

Think before you type.

Ultr1448d ago

Have you played Fallout 4 Multiplayer?

Think before you type?
The best Multiplayer came out of games that are amazing in singleplayer.
The last time someone said something like you was when TLOU was said to have MP and turns out its freaking amazing and the community loves it.

dont see everything black and white, see the possibilities.

Take that in mind before you type.

Roccetarius1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Don't even bother. Someone will always justify a MP version of a popular SP franchise, even though it's not fit for said franchise. Look what happened to ME and Dead Space, for example.

nitus101448d ago

Personally speaking I would have brought a PS4 immediately just for Elder Scrolls, however when I heard it was on-line only I am quite happy to wait until an equivalent single player RPG comes out.

I have no objection to an RPG having an on-line component however I prefer playing a game that is not wholly dependent on the internet even though my connection is very fast and reliable.

Oschino19071448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

They are right. How could a game with a feature to hire NPCs as followers/mercenaries ever work with a real life player in co-op./s

Some people don't think with an open mind, they just see/hear something different or that they don't understand and immediately crap all over it.

You see this a lot when it comes to new technology especially when it's initially very expensive and only available to the wealthy.

Instead of asking why not they can't get over the why part because it doesn't directly appeal to them personally. It's a selfish way of thinking on their part.

nidhogg1448d ago

It would be the dumbest thing ever.

LightSamus1448d ago

Single player BUT have the option of joining someone else's world. Not like MMO style, just two people having fun together.

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