PES 2015: 10 Improvements Konami Must Make

WC: Pro Evolution Soccer has had an illustrious time in the gaming industry.

There are scarcely any better football games out there when the Konami-made-juggernaught is on the top of its game, but over the last few instalments, PES has suffered from a poor transition; from the PS2 days to the PS3/360 era. The last instalment, PES 2014, started something with the move over to the Hideo Kojima (Creator of Metal Gear) developed engine known as the Fox Engine, and this year has seen the game grow into a genuine FIFA beater and one that already develops a debatably better game of football than its flashier counterpart.

But there are still so many areas that PES is lacking and which need to be improved if the once all conquering PES is to retain its footballing crown again. Looking at the ten biggest suggestions, you could argue that none of the features mentioned make up a brilliant game on the pitch, which is what PES has always been exceptional at, but with FIFA reaching superb merchandising deals (using the FIFA engine for replays on Sky Sports Football coverage is ingenious) and turning the game into a brand, there is much work for the Japanese giant to do in order to catch up. And it’s not all about the pitch.

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