Uncharted 4 - Reveal vs In-Game Comparison + In-Game vs Ryse vs Assassin's Creed: Unity vs Crysis 3

DSOGaming writes: "Sony has released a new gameplay trailer for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Back in E3, Naughty Dog claimed that its trailer ran on a PS4 in real-time at 1080p/60FPS. Therefore, we believe it's really interesting to compare that reveal trailer with the latest in-game footage, as well as the game's character models with those of Crysis 3, Ryse, COD: Advanced Warfare and Assassin's Creed: Unity."

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nucky641202d ago

the game has a year to go and no-name sites like this are doing these types of articles....yeeesh!

SardoNumspa1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

What else are the Sony hating fanboys going to do?

Sit home in their Halo jammies crying their eyes out over the gaming world going crazy over the epic showing had today?

ShinMaster1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

The game is in alpha at most.
Why are they comparing two different videos? The reveal happened in a different setting under different lighting and he was wet.
And why are they comparing with PC games?

There are little details in the AC:U screen. It's pretty smooth (also cutscene?). And that game runs like crap.

Also that Ryse screenshot was from before the downgrade. That game runs at 25fps and 900p.

Nice try.

Dee_911202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Yes, yes awesome article. I have more comparison pics
As you can clearly see here, from e3
and here the final build
the game has obviously glaring downgrades you have to press your face up against your screen to see.

Forn1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )


lol +FunnyBubs

Looks more like an uprlgrade in visuals to me ;-)

Skizelli1202d ago

"Oh, and for what is worth, Uncharted 4 is undoubtedly the most impressive – visually – console game we’ve seen to date. This comparison does not mean that it looks awful. On the contrary."

It helps to actually read an article before forming an opinion.

Double Toasted1202d ago

Its a downgrade no matter how you spin it.

Harold_Finch1202d ago

Why would people who hate Sony moan about a game they are hoping to buy?

The entire point of the childish squasheads moaning is BECAUSE they don't think they are going to purchase the same game shown at E3.

No fanboys involved, it is just a lot of moronic wannabe gamers that don't understand the difference between "Realtime in engine" and "Gameplay."

E3's video was a cutscene, The Last of Us's videos looked different and better than the gameplay so it should be obvious by now.

GameNameFame1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Compressed crap out of youtube video.

Is this a joke?

and telling us that there is no shadow when there is no direct light source. No shit. Thats just pure desperation.

radler1202d ago

Making excuses for developers/publishers deceiving you is foolish.

Would you handwave obvious deception and lies if it was an Xbox One exclusive? What if it was a multiplatform game? Plenty of people have expressed disgust at Ubisoft for example, after the amount of downgrades their games have received after they were revealed.

Apparently Naughty Dog are a special exception to all of this however, and free from the same criticisms that the rest of the industry endures when they try to pull the same scams on people.

Here's an idea, how about people stop being blind fanboys obsessively defending their favorite console/developer and actually call BS like this out? Imagine how much better the industry would be, and how much gamers would benefit if stuff like this simply was not tolerated.

But no, can't do that, they're the ~Naughty Gods~.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

In-game graphics will never look as good as cut scenes. So what? It's not realistic to compare a movie to gameplay. Just about every game does it. Remember the Halo 5 reveal with Master Chief all covered up in a hood? You think that's how the game is gonna look? Or how about Halo 3 with the young girl and boy laying down looking up into the sky? Is that how the game looked? Ever seen sports game commercials, they show up close action of the players jumping or crossing the ball between their legs even staring their opponents down with determination, then you play the game, and all you see is the back of these figures in uniform. Maybe that's different, I don't know. But just about every game shows and advertises with footage that doesn't look like what the real gameplay looks like. So what's the big deal?

Edit: radler

I just don't see the crime in a game having cut scenes and developers choosing to show them when they reveal the game. I mean if they make a law against it, then yeah they should have to follow it.

Or you want games to not have cut scenes? Or make the cut scenes look crappy so that they never exceed the visual quality of the actual gameplay?

I mean I like cut scenes, some games tell stories and cut scenes are a good way to add more visuals that aren't possible during gameplay.

I mean I can usually tell the difference between gameplay and a movie.

radler1202d ago

Funny you mention that, because laws were passed to protect consumers from just that with the requirement of, "Footage not representative of actual gameplay" or whatever the actual disclaimer is, to be visibly placed in any advertisements.

It seems developers/publishers are finding ways around that now (the disgusting bait and switch with Dark Souls 2 springs to mind) but hey, I guess since it's so common that somehow makes it okay?!

You're totally right. I say we should just let developers and publishers lie to and deceive us as much as possible. I mean sure it's an appalling business practice, but they're my favorite developer for my favorite console, so I'm gonna bend over <3

ShinMaster1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

@ radler


They never showed gameplay before. Therefore, we never saw a downgrade in gameplay, unlike Watch_Dogs or Far Cry or Assassin's Creed or RYSE. Sorry.

What you saw was a cutscene taking place in a different setting and lighting condition than the gameplay video.

radler1202d ago

Wrong. They went out of their way to write "THE FOLLOWING TRAILER WAS CAPTURED DIRECTLY FROM A PLAYSTATION 4" before the Uncharted 4 reveal. You can go check yourself, the trailer's still up.

They said nothing about that being a cutscene, and the official line from Naughty Dog and Sony was that it was 'in engine'. The only mention of it being a cutscene has come from insecure fanboys desperately clutching at straws to try and rationalize and defend ND's inability to deliver on the original reveal. Sorry :(

remixx1161202d ago

@radler dude just stop

First off it was obviously a cutscene, if you couldn't tell that from what you had scene then your as blind as everyone else that you call blind.

Also an article just posted on n4g claiming the footage was washed out and they provided a link where you candownload a better version of what was posted.

No downgrade bro, just crappy initial footage that still looked better than most anything out there. Don't believe me? Go check the download yourself homie.

mechlord1202d ago


Haters gonna hate, fanboys gonna argue.
Me, i know that i will be playing lots of truly masterpieces coming exclusively for the house of Playsataion next year and this game is right there at the top 3.

2015 belongs to playstation, you can compare sh*t ad nauseaum if it makes you feel better.

Imalwaysright1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Nope Radler shouldn't stop

When I saw the reveal I thought that it was a pre-rendered cutscene and someone from ND on Twitter (I think it was Corrinne Yu) said that it was all in-engine. That was obviously a lie. I don't know about you guys but when a dev lies to us gamers, I take it as an insult. Don't lie to us and don't talk to us as if we were all 5 years old.


Look at how many N4g users were deceived by her lie.

Gamer19821202d ago

Indeed Sony haters gonna come out and attack everything they can after Sony got a ton more exclusives yesterday. It really does smash the xbox to bits in terms of exclusive content.

Mykky1202d ago

Naughty Dog never lied here as there obviously was no downgrade, at least we don't know yet. The footage we saw from E3 was a cutscene and in all the latest ND games the cutscenes has been looking better than the actual gameplay.
If we was shown a cutscene and it looked worse than that from E3 then it would be a downgrade. Most likely what was shown at E3 is how the cutscenes will look and what was shown recent is how the gameplay will look.
The same thing was done with Last of Us, stating it was captured in engine when showing a cutscene. What is up with the sudden criticism now?

Septic1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Can you lot make your minds up? First of all you were jumping on the backs of everyone saying how it was definitely in engine when it was shown at E3 and now people are downplaying it saying 'oh it was so obvious that it was cutscenes'.

So what was the point in getting so excited about cutscenes in the first place if the actual gameplay looked inferior?

So the devs received hell for Watchdogs, AC etc but here people are giving ND a free pass. Fair enough if it's alpha footage but at least admit that the alpha itself isn't as impressive and no where near the kind of fidelity that was shown before.

And to all those saying this is the best looking console game ever...I just don't get it. The Order and Quantum Break look more impressive to me. With the exception of a few moments, this didn't look as jaw dropping as I thought or as many on here are obviously pretending it to be.

GameNameFame1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )


It is clear you are clueless what you are talking about.

Cut Scene was done IN ENGINE. No one said it was not cut scene. The big deal was that it was not pre rendered cut scene, but is running in game engine.

You do know that every single game out there has different graphic between cut scene and gameplay.

You do seriously know that right? or are you telling me you dont. Watch Dog's gameplay footage was not same as actual gameplay. No one ever complained its cutscene footage is not same as gameplay.

This gotta be most desperate straw grap if iver seen one.

Please go make post about how every single game in this world has different graphics between cut scene and gameplay. Please go ahead and do that.

and let me know if this graphic is even possible on QB

@imalwalys right

I can't tell if x1 fans are seriously this lacking in intelligence.

Cut scene is not gameplay.Seriously, for real?

You do know Ryse and Tomb Raider had different graphics for cut scene and gameplay.

Unless you are comparing cut scene to cut scene or gameplay to gameplay. You do not have a comparison.

Lol. X1 fans are so jealous now days.

Mykky1202d ago

What the heck man? Make our minds up? I was never impressed by the trailer at E3 as it was only a cutscene. (It did excite me though) But I always knew the actual gameplay would not look like that, you have to have little knowledge in games to believe so actually. You paint a pretty black and white picture of the people commenting here, but it seems you are too blinded too see that.

If you mean this is a downgrade you have to mean that The Last of Us is a downgrade from when it was first shown, as it did the exact same thing. Showed a cutscene in engine and then gameplay later that did not look as good as the cutscene.

konohashin1202d ago

As retarted as it gets....

As expected....

Its always some kind of conspiracy or sony hating right?

Even sony gamers can bash other sony gamers because the fanbase is by far the most retarded one. I am a sony gamer and I probably have more Sony consoles than you have.

We are sometimes extremely arrogant and act like little children.

Fuck microsoft for XBL fees. Hey cool PSn has a fee now lets support it.....

Ratty1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )


Also I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure the reveal was pre-rendered anyways. Since when do we compare pre-rendered with real-time rendering.

Edit: nvm they said it was realtime. This kind of thing is to be expected though.

Imalwaysright1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

@ GameNameFame

How is it possible that someone as intelligent as you, is oblivious to the fact that there are in-engine pre-rendered cutscenes like the Uncharted reveal which add more detail, have better lighting, etc AND there are also in-engine real time cutscenes like the ones we saw in MGS4 that don't add effects but allow us to interact with them. I'm shocked that you don't know this... absolutely shocked.

Due to Corrine's lie, many gamers believed that the gameplay portions of Uncharted would look exactly as the reveal, evidenced by the comments in the link I posted above. I'm sure that someone as intelligent as you can actually read, right?

BTW I'm a PC gamer and the only next gen console I own right now is the Wii U so no need to group me with X1 fans ok? Thank you.

blackout1201d ago

This has nothing to do with hate. It has all to do with that mysterious 50% more power. It's a year after launch and all the Sony fans are saying the game is a year away and they still don't have anything that looks anywhere close to Ryse the graphical console game of the year (AMAZING). So if this is a year away what will the X1 be coming with a year from now. 50% more powerful is bullshit. Enjoy quick time gameplay and grass swaying cause from what i see Sony has duped everyone.

dreamed1201d ago

Dont you realise how much of a fanboy you sound like?...anyway im sure this game will destroy its competition,it looks really good.

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holin41202d ago

Ryse one of the first games from the new gen, and still the best looking game (i dont think theres a valid argument to this).

I do agree this game has a lot of time to improve and it already looks awesome! lot of details, all that vegetation... crazy.
Lets see what happens when GOW its reveald, things are going to get nasty...

GameNameFame1202d ago

"i dont think theres a valid argument to this"

summarize all those x1 fanboys in denial.


DeadlyOreo1202d ago

Ryse certainly isn't the best looking game haha. Don't be silly now.

holin41202d ago

I do think is the best looking game (talking about released games), yet its not that important we all have seen what happens with great graphics and shitty gameplay... a mediocre game that's the result

Lightning Mr Bubbles1202d ago

LOL, "all that vegetation"

Last and only other person I ever heard use that word related to video games was the guy that was displaying the game Motorstorm: Pacific Rift to people.

Anyway, by GOW do you mean God of War or Gears of War? Gears of War might look great, it was one of the best looking games all last gen for sure. I though the sequel was kind of a downgrade though, I didn't play any of the others after part 2.

Ben Dover1202d ago

Ryse? Creating a game with decent graphics yet still dips to 10 fps is the best looking game for you?

Thanks but I'd rather have some fps as well instead of playing a stress test. You're so in denial it's embarassing for you rofl!!

holin41201d ago

Lightning Mr Bubbles:
yes i mean gears of war, also looking forwards to god of war

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1202d ago
Azzanation1202d ago

Then it would be smart not to show anything if its going to make the game look bad. They are showing people early because they need to show something, its marketing and hyping of there product. Sheep fall for it, I don't.

nucky641202d ago

oh! you're so smart!!! we need to look to you for the answers!!!!!!!!


therevolution1202d ago

Here's the issue, when the first trailer was revealed they said that was the IN GAME character model via the official company Twitter no less. I distinctly remember having a conversation with people an d doubting it would look that good only to be told that Naughty Dog could pull it off, sorry the game looks good but honestly not as impressive as MGSV, Quantum Break, or even Kill Zone or Infamous First Light. It wouldn't be that big a deal had they not said that reveal trailer was what the in game would look like. Other than that it looks good, but the art design isn't as compelling as TLoU but where Uncharted has always shined has been gameplay (at times), big set pieces, and animations. I hope Naughty Dog pulls those things off and it could be a home run.

Kingdomcome2471201d ago

I think it looks great still, but Corrine Yu even went as far as saying that they were shooting for it to look even better than the E3 reveal. Kind of deceptive.

Blaze9291202d ago

The hypocrisy. Everyone got mad and wanted to boycott Ubisoft for the Watch Dogs downgrade.

fermcr1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

From what I saw, the gameplay video of Uncharted 4 was quite the downgrade from the reveal teaser. Didn't they say that the teaser was running at 1080p/60fps? Surely not on a PS4.

If this was Ubisoft that done this, all hell would haven broken loose.
Actually Ubisoft did do this and all hell did broke loose at the time.

The hypocrisy...

BallsEye1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Unbelievable how this topic is up and wasn't removed by mods yet. I know my comment about downgrades was. Oh the bias.

What's up with that, mods? Gonna accuse me of photoshop -.-? Same thing was with killzone, deep down, and few others. CGI trailers shown as "gameplay" and no one getting mad at all, sony get's praised. When Ubisoft or any other company makes a TINY downgrade all hell breaks loose. The hypocrisy of sony community. You are to be blamed for this downgrades to happen. If we'd boycott it, they would have learned and finally show us what we will really get.

geddesmond1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

This is how propaganda starts. The trick is to try and discredit something at its early stages to try and kill that hype. Then every few weeks release more propaganda bit by bit piece by piece until then when the game gets released the final part starts and thats bad reviews.

Negativity spread quicker than any disease out there.

Edit oh and just remember Drake was wet with the moonlight shining off him in the first reveal. It was also a blended cutscene before control comes to your character like every other UC game has had.

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monkeyDzoro1202d ago

Yeah... Let's compare an... ALPHA all right ?! To fully polished released games which by the way don't look better than this ALPHA, and let's make some conclusions... Sigh.
Ofc some elements of this whole gameplay will be missing compared to the E3 trailer exclusively and purposely made for that particular event.
Obviously godrays and shadows plus water effects will be missing from the final game, as always in every ND games have proven this far... OR NOT.

jwk941202d ago

I really don't think this concern would be made if the game looked significantly better than all of those games at this stage.

Blackleg-sanji1202d ago

Wtf damn the sony salt is strong that they did all this to compare an early build

xxx_Solid_Snake_xxx1202d ago ShowReplies(2)
MelvinTheGreat1202d ago

Laughing at all the people who thought that the game would actually look like the receal trailer and the people who were comparing games to the reveal trailer

Silly gameAr1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

I'm just laughing, period. Keep fighting the good fight fellas.