XLW: Texas Hold'em update

In recent years the public perception of Poker has changed considerably. No longer is it seen as a game played in a stuffy backroom filled with wannabe gangsters, as thousands of young devotees have taken up the reins.

So we were all very excited by Texas Hold'em's Xbox Live Arcade debut - but unfortunately, a number of you were far from pleased with the final product.

But fear not, Microsoft have heard your disgruntled musings and acted. This Wednesday (Nov 29) a comprehensive update will be available to download via Xbox Live, free of charge; "a host of features and improvements have been added to Texas Hold 'em to speed up game-play, eliminate cheating and ensure proper competition. As a result, the online multi-player leaderboards will be reset to eliminate the inflated scores that currently appear. In a future update in early 2007, we'll be adding Xbox Live Vision Camera support as well. "

Read on for the full list of improvements

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Axl Elite4396d ago

Are they going to fix it so you can finally get the achievement for getting every hand?