Ubisoft Doesn’t Want You To Read Reviews of The Crew

Twinfinite writes: Ubisoft has announced that reviewers will not be receiving a copy of The Crew until its commercial launch.

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pasta_spice1085d ago

Hmm. This doesn't bode well.

heychrisfox1085d ago

I agree. I don't like this habit of Ubisoft trying to screw over gamers by not letting us be informed.

creeping judas1085d ago

How true they must be hiding something!! I mean we only had an invite only beta and then a fully open beta. So yes they do not want us gamers to be informed!!

bouzebbal1085d ago

dont worry Ubi, i wasnt planning to read any, but not for same reasons

morganfell1085d ago

Hiding something? Let's see, Watchdogs downgrade, Unity debacle, Keys to Kyrat broken - possibly on purpose, FC4 MP map editor dropped, how much more do you need to see in less than 6 months?

Mikelarry1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

@ creeping judas,

just in case you were wondering why the disagrees.

with the word beta ubisoft had an excuse as to why the game played like crap, but now that the game is " finished" and ready to be shipped if things ran like crap we the early buyers wouldn't know this as reviews would not be up to inform us of said issues.

ClintEastwood1085d ago

How exactly is Ubisoft hiding anything with an open beta running right up to the release of the game?

ColinZeal1085d ago

I'm buying this game solely based on the Betas. I just want the whole world available. I've had a blast playing it so far... just 18 hours left for me now.. can't wait! And i'm not worried. I'm prepared for server issues and not being able to play for a week or two (I have GTAV during that time) but the game is fine as it is.

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JudgmentJay1085d ago

After trying the two latest betas this comes as no shock to me.

yuukiliu1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

Luckily the two Ubi games I bought this year are amazing(FC4, CoL) they need to care more for their own product. Instead of caring so much about sales.

Valenka1085d ago

After the Unity debacle, you'd think the last thing Ubisoft wants is bad press and choosing not to release review copies is not a good sign.

heychrisfox1085d ago

Seriously. Their statement in the article was particularly revealing, almost condescending. "We like to read reviews too!" Uh huh, so why is nobody allowed to review YOUR games in a timely manner? It's basically the definition of shake my head. -_-

Valenka1085d ago

It's a rare thing where developers who choose to not allow early review copies actually pump out a good game. Nine out of ten times, it's because they've a low-quality product and they don't want the masses any the wiser until the non-refundable $60 has been paid. It's shady and ridiculous.

Like kevinsheeks said below, "Why not just make a quality product? will the company implode if they do something semi-logical. Instead they try to use deceit and strong-arm tactics which are about the same level of quality as some of their games recently."

*endless applause*

Perjoss1085d ago

Ubisoft doesn't have to worry about that, I dont plan to read any at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.