Enough With The Broken Games

Jamaal Ryan writes: "From Assassins Creed Unity’s frequently jarring and occasionally hilarious glitches, to Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s near catastrophic matchmaking issues, to Far Cry 4 and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s online instability, to the continuous train wreck that is Driveclub ... the last few months have been fraught with unpolished releases, and have raised an unusual paranoia that particularly console gamers aren’t used to: “Will my game actually work at launch?”

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Killzoner991331d ago

Microsoft REALLY screwed up on an EPIC level with The master chief Collection. That blunder cost them millions of dollars and turned off would be Xbone adopters. It couldn't have come at a worse time either because after the holidays the Xbone will be in drought mode while Sony is releasing amazing exclusives for the PS4.

averagejoe261331d ago

I'd have to agree. I am one of those people.

I've already bought a ps4 and the halo collection was going to get me to purchase an Xbox one.

Well, not anymore.

I'm not saying I won't eventually. Once they patch everything and have it all working perfectly I still would like to get one. But the issues definitely deterred me from buying one (at least for now).

Scatpants1330d ago

Sunset Overdrive works perfectly and that game is incredibly fun.

marloc_x1330d ago

Driveclub – a game originally set to be a launch title for the Playstation 4 – shows no signs of its extra year of development time. 


Do you think many will take advantage of the refund offered by Sony? This could be expensive too..

fanboysmackdown1330d ago

So where's Sony's games for the holidays? Sony screwed up royally with DriveshaftClub too and at least X1 has some decent exclusives for the holidays. But with a fanboy name like yours I can see why you targeted Halo.

Gwiz1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

I don't see any big titles from Microsoft themselves coming after the holiday season either,not to mention these titles are not the real flagship franchises yet.

Unless you wanna call a remaster version and experimental IP's flagships.Their big hitters have yet to come.

Grap1330d ago

@gwiz what a dumb logic u have.

Galletto31330d ago

343 has been super up front about all the issues in the MCC. In fact every time you log in they give you the updates and patch summary on screen.

They have worked harder on correcting smaller issues than some of the other developers right now.

pelida1330d ago

Well they have like all the money in the world to work harder than the other devs. Halo is to MS what Uncharted is to Sony; If Halo is not working that hurts the Xbone image

Fizzler1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

How does that Sony sausage taste?

pelida1330d ago

I agree with you. But I'd say: wait for the numbers after Xmas, then we'll see if Halo turned on potential Xbone adopters or not

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LamerTamer1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

Yeah this is getting out of hand. Last gen you bought a game and generally it worked fine (with the exception of Bethesda games). Maybe some people found a few minor glitches and the game was maybe patched once to fix. Anyone without internet was mostly ok as the game usually still worked as the glitches were minor.

Now you buy a game and you immediately need to run to the internet for a multi GB day one patch to add the rest of the game that was incomplete on disc and fix it so it is playable.

The problem with patches is that they can't be backed up. So when you delete the game (HDD space/failure etc.)the patch goes with it. Want to play it again in the future? Well you need to go back and re-download the patch all over again. That is annoying but not as annoying as it will be when the patches are eventually taken down leaving you with a permanently broken and maybe unplayable game on disc.

Gwiz1330d ago

Exactly my friend,there's a lot of downsides to digital distribution.

Galletto31330d ago

I honestly feel for developers. Its not like these people who are passionate about their industry WANT to put out broken games.

They are stuck between a rock and a hard place with release dates. If they release late, then they miss out on advertising budget, prime release dates, and bring the anger of fans for delaying it.

It they release on time and hope for the best then they bring something broken and buggy, and hope they can work on big patches for Day 1.

Its easy to say they shouldn't release broken games, but I think we need more transparency and less PR talk from some of these companies about the issues

Gwiz1330d ago

That's the reason i'm sticking with Sony,it's not like i didn't have issues with the PS4 so far but in the end i hope they'll deliver the same variety of exclusive games as they did with the PS3.

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